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  1. Privatedata, I drained tank, checked fuel lines to pump, replaced fuel pump filter and installed a water separator all in last 3 weeks. Heath, could be the module, Tom at east fork said the same. Hopefully not. They are NLA, hard to find and mucho expensive, I believe the coil is part of the module. Pump is mechanical.
  2. Bruce, would your boat stall and then start right back up and stall again when accelerating? Did it happen during an outing with it seeming ok for awhile then act up? What kind of pump did you replace it with, OEM or another brand?
  3. Maybe the carb does need rebuilding again, I'll try to find somebody to do it, I never have. Thinking of replacing the pump also incase of an internal issue, but seems to be OK, there is pressure in the lines when I pop one off the separator.
  4. Just asked tom Barbera if he rebuilt the carb and said he did 6 yrs ago when he had the boat for a few weeks. I bought it from him. The boat is not heavily used, limited to lake O wave action.
  5. Had the boat for 6yrs, no carb work by me. this issue has happened 3xs exactly the same. Does act like it's running out of gas but over 1/2 tank each time. I can run it the next day in the driveway and it fires up and runs, just did again just now , ran perfect. I just cleaned the large round connector above the ign coil and wires, they were corroded last year and I cleaned and put diaelectric grease on pins. The grease looked like it migrated a little between pins so i just cleaned with alcohol and blew all the grease out and wiped. Did that first before running just now, ran great but has before after getting home. Might try again tomorrow, see what happens.
  6. Hi all, I have an issue with my 3.0 130hp mercruiser. Motor out to fish and runs ok out, troll for 3 to 4 hrs and it dies. I can immediately start back up and go 30 to 50 yrds at ~8mph and then it dies again. Try to go faster and it dies immediately. Can do this all the way in to get back + using my kicker. Checked fuel system to pump for crude, replaced pump filter, installed inline water separater, replaced plugs. Happened again pretty much identical to first instance. Seems like something might be getting hot like the coil maybe? Maybe the pump has a diaphram that is failing? Carburetor rebuild? Almost the same as a lawn mower that needs the float valve cleaned out. By the way the coil is almost impossible to find and I assume expensive since no longer available, and ignition control module is 760-820 bucks-yikes. this has a digital elect ignition. can it be converted to a standard elect ignition? Any help will be appreciated greatly.
  7. I have the diagram. I can text you with the picture of it, I think you'll be able to make it out. If not I can tell you what to do. Text me at 481-7148
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