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  1. Don't think so but only a guess since I haven't heard of one. You could make your own mounting brackets. I have 2 on my boat for my extra 2 home made downriggers that are about the same size as a Big Jon. Slide in, thumb screw to secure, easy removal. You could even make a bracket to fit on swivel mounts also. 

  2. I had steering issues with my 19" islander using 2 bags also. They were running about even with front chairs. The boat would sway right and left continually. I lengthened the ropes so they now run even with the rear cleats and use a shorter rope on the rear loop of the bags tied to rear cleats to keep them tight to the hull. Boat tracks perfectly now.

  3. Hemlock is loaded with bait, probably why catching the trout and lakers is tough. When ever I'm there I mark tons of bait pods mostly on the west side north end about 30-50 ft July time frame. There are lots of hooks under every pod usually. I've run cranks, drop shot bottom bouncers and they just won't hit. Very frustrating when you see so much down there. As for lakers, try pulling copper in 50-60 ft. have had some success with that in the past.

  4. I did catch a couple around 10# and 2 around 3# many moons ago, have tried a couple times over the years but can't seem to get them. A friend of mine told me recently that someone that a friend knows has some success with them. I have marked nice schools of something under bait fish on the northwest side in about 25ft of water but couldn't get a hit. I'm thinking maybe suspended ones in the mid lake deeper water in the summer might work, they could be out there following the alwives around. We'll see this summer.

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