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  1. I don't have much luck with midrange fish either. I check out bigfoot charter's journal on line and he seems to get them early am only then goes deep. He doesn't give too much detail. He rarely catches any bows or browns, just lots of lakers. Check him out. I'm on the east side by the olney place store, maybe we can hook up sometime and combine ideas.

  2. With riggers, I always run a lake rig or cowbells off the ball. then set the suttons 4-6 feet behind the attractors. This time of year fish about 10-20 ft off the bottom in 100 early morning then start moving out at 10 ft increments every hour after 7:30, fish 5-10 ft off bottom. Fishing gets slow late morning till late afternoon. I like to troll the edge of the shadow cast by the west side hill(either branch)from 4 till sundown. I'm fishing the east branch 2 mi south of viking. Note to trolling speed, slow it down to 1-1.5 mph for lakers. They are generally bottom feeders and lazy.

  3. i was down there 4th of July week, lots of fleas and some weeds in am in the middle after a calm night. Should be illegal for people to rake seaweed in front of their place. Anyways, I'm going down for a week Aug 4th. I have pretty good luck for lakers. Go out pretty much every morning. I can update you from there. 

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