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  1. Canvas Concepts 11 Buttonwood Dr. Hilton NY 17yrs exp.  Out of the way for you, but, quality work, fair price. Trailering covers are more expensive than mooring ones. I was quoted a 1/2 cover for an 19.5 Islander, windshield to transom ~ 950.00  

  2. I use to use the TC stp's also and loved the accuracy but not the terminal damage. Switched to Hornady xtp hollow points and much better results and great blood trails . I also had a long track on my last deer , low hit and slightly back but the hollow point did it's job and kept the blood trickling. With the STP  I probably would not have found it.

  3. I have had luck running spoons behind the hotspot type triangle flashers. Very little drag and about a 6ft leader of fluorocarbon to the spoon When running deeper. I also attach them to the ball, and run the spoon 10-15 feet back. Higher up you run, further back from the ball. 

  4. I actually tried one many years ago from that exact spot. One bite, spit it out, tossed it and the one in the freezer. Tasted like the river smells- like chemicals. We did have a blast. Caught many.

  5. Did the same thing to my toe in the exact same spot last year. Knife was sticking straight up and down, luckily had my sneakers on and only about 3/8 penetration. Nice little divit in skin now. We were off Sandy fishing the same depths. Small one and a 17lb. Not as much action as you, we got out late also. Our temps were 50-60ft. Small on spoon and bigger on FF.

      We went to Erie yesterday and it was terrible fishing.. Water too warm off Buffalo, 79 down 62ft., and no schools off Dunkirk AT ALL!! Found some good temps there though, caught 1 and shook off at the boat. Didn't even care. Fishing reports for buffalo seem to be bogus. They say Barcelona is hot but who knows.

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  6. I was out last sat and they were almost nonexistent off sandy creek in 125-200 feet. I do use flea flicker and blood run on my rigger poles, but my wire dipsies were coming up almost clean. non on rigger cables. Picked up 3 kings lost 2. Fished 47 deg to 52 where ever it was found in above mentioned depth. They are darkening a little now. Maybe try some 55-60 deg also.

  7. Went out Sandy Monday and the fleas are there also. They were mixed with the cotton and were a major P.I.T.A. to get off the line . 2 salmon one 16 the other 9.5 ,175 feet both on FF one rigger parked at 130( current blow back ,actual depth was about 105-44deg) and the other a dipsey with UV flasher and green atomic fly out 175 on 2 setting. Lost one also on same dipsey set. The dipsey fish was definitely out of temp. 16 lb female had eggs in her. Strange?

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