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  1. maybe 25 bucks. I've had it for over 20yrs collecting cob webs and it is bent a little. Very repairable, but usable now as long as you don't forget to put it up before you gun it.. Do you launch out of The Oak ? If so I can meet you there sometime soon. 

  2. Small Outboards normally drain themselves if the shaft is vertical, I have never worried about it with my 2 small outboards, just throw them in the garage every fall and my garage is not insulated. Not sure about the newer larger outboards, I think they may be the same.

  3. Canisus at night in May is good also, stay in 5-8 feet along the shore. I had luck with worm harnesses with no weight, sutton spoons with a small splishot , especially when the mooneyes(saw bellies) are spawning along the shorline. My friend always uses a F-11 rapala as long as it has a lot of silver. Looks like a mooneye. Honeoye works too.

  4. I've caught them up by Seth Green island also, between the island and shore . Granted it was many moons ago. Also I tried eating one and it tasted like the river smells sometimes. Anyone else experience this? Was catching them in June.

  5. I run bells, lake rigs or hot spots off the ball with 4ft of leader, and set a flutter spoon or spin and glow 2ft above and 4 ft behind the attractor. This eliminates the extra drag bringing in a fish and you can run the attractors real close to bottom and not pick up junk on your bait when attached to the attractors. Also this will allow a stacker to be utilized if wanted. I like fighting just a fish as much as possible.

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