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  1. Really bad this year there also. My neighbor has pretty much given up. He doesn't like using flea flicker, gets twisted up too much, which I have experienced also.  I think if you use a spro swivel between lines instead of tying together it may help. The fleaflicker has worked for me so far on lake O and probably will on Keuka. I'm going to try bees wax on the dipsey wire , maybe it'll work. I'll let you all know.

  2. To estimate your true depth (length of cable out) x( the cosign of the estimated angle of the cable) relative to 90 deg  (straight up and down). I found a chart on line for the cosigns of angles up to ~60 deg. Just google images- angle cosigns, and make a chart .

  3. Cadarawamp, I use stainless so it doesn't rust, and stays smooth so it won't damage wire and seems to be Ok with mono. . Putting the pressure on the line with the rod cuts through enough of the fleas and they drop off. The rod is ~  1/8 - 1/4 in diam. Not sure, haven't measured and probably doesn't matter. Can use any length I imagine, longer would be good to reach out or up if a fish is on. I cleared 2 ft of fleas off a wire in about 8 sec. 

  4. Went out solo, neighbor kid's parents forgot to remind him we were on for 5:15 departure, threw stuff at his window to no avail. Started at about 130 worked out to 275. Small bait pods inside 200, much larger ones out at 250. Lost 2 skippys behind boat, ok with me. Dipsey takes off for a short run after a decent fight, landed a 10 -12lb beautiful rainbow on black and green SD with green atomic fly-released . Little while later went over a huge pod and 10 sec's later 41ft rigger fires and screams bloody murder. After 25 mins and a heck of a time netting , not to mention bouncing him off the cable a couple times landed a nice 19.5 lb king according to old spring hand scale. Green rotating triangle  flasher with old faithful, green, beat up spoon of some type with a big eye at the back end. This spoon always seems to produce something. Beautiful thicksteaks!! All fish in the 250 area. All on green stuff 

  5. Call me this evening at 585-392-7896 around 8:00. I have a place on keuka Lake, and the last week of Aug is available, I will do 2-3 nights.  4 bed rooms, 2 car parking, 60 ft of flat gravel beach and front yard. Steve.

  6. They are in NY. I saw one last year in spencerport ny near ridge road and union st(2590 . pULLED OFF THE SIDE OF THE ROAD AND WATCHED IT WALK INTO THE WOODS FOR ABOUT 30 YRDS. pLAIN AS DAY. 2 WEEKS LATER A FRIEND'S FRIEND SAW 2 TOGETHER NEAR BUFFALO RD AND MANITOU. My father in law's friend in prattsburg came over a hill on a dirt road and one was walking  down the side of the road., broad daylight. I also heard the one shot was tagged in the ear and was from Montana and he called the number on the tag and the game cop there said that  he couldn't have shot it here it was shipped to New york . The guy didn't say where he was from at the time.  Also black jaguars were released years ago, they are smaller than African jags about the same size as a mature coyote. saw on in Steuben county and read articles down there concerning them. My cousin saw one ,or more, 3 times in fairport around marsh rd. One time turkey calling and it walked in and sat 30yrd from him. He researched it after a "tip" from a NYS official and found that 10 mating pairs were released across NYS. DEC knows both are here.

  7. Lively, I was there the first week of August and hammered LT, mostly on dipsies. I use the regular size which is I believe is a #1, ~4" with ring. I used a e-troll rotating flasher or a spin doktor with a spin n glow. 4 feet between dip and flash and spin n glow about 3-4ft back.I usually set mine on 3 setting( weight underside)- furthest from boat.Clearer the water, more stealth normally. Early in the week 150ft of line worked( I'm using 30lb wire) which runs about 50-60 ft. My speed was 1.25-1.5 at the ball. The rod will bounce when one is on. Later in the week I ran about 175-200. There are charts on line that give the "ballistics" when running dipsies. Most are based on #1 or Mags. As far as releasing, I usually have to pop the release when one is on . I tried setting the release lighter but it would pop sometimes on its own from the heavy drag. Most lakers dont hit real hard as you know. Most of the ones I caught were 17-21in, with a few up to ~24in. By the way on my last trip out on Sat, I got skunked using the same tactics that worked all week. I think the full moon changed everything. My neighbor got a few on riggers but had to go down to 105 over 120-130. 300 ft of wire on dipsies to get that deep.

  8. On the subject of being broken off. Some already may do this but for those who don't, I use a clamp release attached by wire to the boat or ring on the dipsey poles, and then clamp it directly to the wire just past the reel. This allows the drag to be set lighter incase of violent hits that can break off mono. The release holds onto the line so it won't creep out on the lighter drag, and usually pops off on a hit. Just set it not to deep in the jaws. Good luck to all .

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