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  1. Yeah - 80 down over 390 was a decent fish for us. My wife backed into the boat this AM and that was my fault... you know - for putting a 22.5" boat where she can't see it. Haha...


    Speed - right. Crucial. Anywhere from 2.2 to 3.0 - speed at the lure is supposedly best at 2.8 but without a probe $$$ who knows. 


    PS - What you're looking for with your distance down is the themocline - the place where the water dips from 70 degrees to 40s or 50s. The fish live in that cold O2 rich water and strike up at bait from below. Varies in depth - 40ft down to 90 I'd guess most days - or if it's really stirred up not there at all. Another thing a probe can do for you is tell you temp at depth. 


    Downriggers and planner boards - advanced topics and again $$$ @fishncars

  2. Google - I use Michigan Stinger spoons a lot - green bubble is always a hit. Tuxedo - Alewife... and it never hearts to have odd colors for the days they're after purple or orange etc. I'm assuming you know what a dipsy is, and how to get a spread and get them down where you want. Other terms - FOW - foot of water (depth) and 50 down - means the lure is 50ft deep in XXX feet of water (to the bottom). 


    Google "hammer fly salmon" and you'll see pictures. I like to run those behind a flasher (could use a dodger - again, google.)


    Get a good dipsy chart that accounts for wire V Braid and the setting on the bottom weight...

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