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  1. On 11/6/2021 at 7:35 PM, machzrcr said:

    I dont mind someone using a crossbow they have their time and place. My biggest thing is the crowd of people who mainly have bought crossbows. Buy it shoot it once or twice and its good. Then want to walk around and use it like a gun or take stupid shots becuase its a crossbow.

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    I won't shoot over 40 yds and am pretty proficient with mine

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  2. dan is that a nilgai. I hear they are tough to kill what did you shoot it with.  nice hunt

    Yes it is and yes they are but I had my .257 Weatherby with me as I wasn’t originally going to hunt Nilgai
    The recommend .30 cal and up but I have this custom build souped up to 3675 fps with a 100gr Barnes TSX copper bullet
    It was a one shot kill at 235 yards through both shoulders
    The Nilgai bull made it about 50 yds after he shot and went down
    The outfitter and ranch owner who has killed many of them said they had never seen it done
    Speed, well constructed bullet and shot placement are key

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