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  1. 1 hour ago, GAMBLER said:

    If they open Braddocks, they would have to open Sandy too.  It is also in Monroe County.  As a tournament organizer (Sandy Creek Shootout), I agree with the decision to keep it down to two ports.  It is hard enough to police one port let alone three ports.  If they had observers, it would be less of an issue but you would lose more participants. 


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  2. Well had a bunch of doe crossing the trail I walked in on at 150 yards. Finally decided to try on the next one that crosses. Squeezed one off but not sure of a hit because of the smoke. Walked up and pink blood and white hair all over. Problem is looked like possibly guts as the blood was real thick like a rope. Not intestate, I think it just froze almost instantly. Giving her time then going back to look. Would be the hardest doe I ever took. Fingers crossed.

    Matt did you find the deer?

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  3. 15 minutes ago, longspurs said:

    Had a leg swinger walk by yesterday afternoon had to do the right thing. What a shot the person put on her can't believe she was still walking around. Hardy animals .IMG_20181215_164131.jpeg

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    Good deal

    That crap happens a lot when people can't shoot or a lot of times deer drives people flinging at moving animals

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