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  1. 1 minute ago, Rich D said:

    It really sucks to see the young bucks you let go, knowing they will be real studs in a year or two get taken a week or two later. Some people really suck!!!!

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    Everyone needs to stop whining about it

    You can only control what YOU do 

    If the next guy shoots one I pass it is what it is 

    To him or her it may be the best buck they have ever killed and a trophy in their eyes

    No sense worrying about things out of your control

    Some will die some will live

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  2. 1 minute ago, scobar said:

    9X DMU area southern NY at PA border. 

    A friend shoots a nice 3.5 year old and both antlers fall off before it hits the ground. That's pretty early, watch out taking a big doe, it just might have balls!

    It was probably injured or stressed to lose it's antlers this early

  3. Story of day 34 and the 11pt


    It was very still,quiet and calm not really any wind at all.I wasn't sure I was even going to see a deer with it being so still.

    At a little after 4pm I saw 4 doe skirting through the hardwoods. Then a couple minutes later had a spike come into the field and mill around and then walk into the hardwoods and cut 70 yds in front of me. Pretty standard sit so far. 3 doe cut out of the pines and behind me all the deer thus far were traveling towards the  front of property. Next 2 buck enter the field a small spike( I call micro spike because he doesn't even have 3" spikes) and a 4 pt,these are all buck I've seen over and over again so was pretty ho hum till this point...then things got spicy. Micro spike and 4 pt  all of a sudden bolt my direction in the field and stop before the pines along the edge,they are just looking into the pines and finally walk into them.I then hear a grunt and think that doesn't sound like it came from the 4 pt? Next 3 doe fly down the ridge line behind me about 120 yds, I think "did someone on the adjacent property bump them?", but as I'm thinking that they dart back were the came from running all over the place so I know a buck is messing with them. I'm now standing up in my stand looking back and scanning with my binoculars and I see a doe 75 yds from my stand motionless staring down through the hardwoods back out in front of me. I'm watching her and trying to look back to where she is staring to see what has her attention? I see nothing as I scan,then I look back towards the field and I see a group of deer along the edge of the pines 5 of them! I turn and sit in my stand and see they are all buck,two small buck are sparing mico and 4 pt are standing watching and there is one buck hanging back just into the pines. I pull up my binoculars and could see he had some stuff going on rack wise and was a good buck,at this point I wasn't sure if it was the big guy I've been after or not but decided first opportunity at a shot I'd take it as I've rode this rodeo before thinking I'll wait till he comes all the way out only to have him lock up and turn around walking away,especially since that's where the doe were all running around.

    The rest is history he stepped forward one step and gave me a clear shot to his front shoulder at 90 yds and he went on a 60 yd death run and dropped behind some brush. Until I walked up on him I wasn't sure what he was or if he was my nemesis,unfortunately not but again I wouldn't have passed him regardless. 1 week off then the quest will continue with the muzzle loader. 

    As a side note I've never seen this buck or have a single picture of him so you really just never know what will happen or who will show up


    Thanks  to everyone and best of luck to all .....your season can change on a dime so stick with it!

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  4. Day 32 in a row
    Day 12 gun season
    Snow storm with blowing wind
    Common sense dictates stay home deer are bunkered down but common sense is lacking this morning
    Wind isn’t right again but I’m not going 30’ high so hoping for a small miracle from the pine stand

    Saw 2 deer driving here and a couple tracks in the snow so....


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