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  1. 1 minute ago, JakeyBaby said:

    Slow so far, one first rack is all. Squirrels are all over on the move. Very little shooting and nothing even close. Fingers crossed for a doe, I'm hungry!

    squirrel taste like chicken just in case 

  2. 9 minutes ago, justtracytrolling said:

    Once you buy your first decent piece of glass it's game changing. I have a couple Bushnell 6500s on long range set ups, but the last several I've bought were the Leupold vx5s and they simply are amazing. Good binoculars really make glassing we easy as well. The old adage of spending the same on the scope as the gun is off imo... I'll spend double on the scope minimum...you have to be able to see and you want it bulletproof. Rings and bases are also another get what you pay for item.

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    yep scope is more important than the rifle/sluggun


  3. 9 minutes ago, Duckman1 said:

    Dan i have the same konus scope. What would be a good scope for a muzzleloader without breakin the bank

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    I've been using a Leupold VX 2  2x7 for years on mine as well as my Sluggun

    I learned years ago after going through 3 or 4 cheap scopes on my 12 ga that pay once cry once is the way to go

    Leupold in my opinion isn't what it used to be as far as their adjustments but once you get them zeroed they tend to stay put

    Customer service is the best too if you should have a problem you'll likely get a brand new scope sent out

  4. Konus is crap you are on borrowed time the Nikon prostaff isn't a great scope either

    You can find out the hard way with optic/scopes they work until they don't and it usually is at a most opportune time

    A shot gun will put a serious hurt on the internals of a scope 

  5. 1 minute ago, Rich D said:

    It really sucks to see the young bucks you let go, knowing they will be real studs in a year or two get taken a week or two later. Some people really suck!!!!

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    Everyone needs to stop whining about it

    You can only control what YOU do 

    If the next guy shoots one I pass it is what it is 

    To him or her it may be the best buck they have ever killed and a trophy in their eyes

    No sense worrying about things out of your control

    Some will die some will live

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  6. 1 minute ago, scobar said:

    9X DMU area southern NY at PA border. 

    A friend shoots a nice 3.5 year old and both antlers fall off before it hits the ground. That's pretty early, watch out taking a big doe, it just might have balls!

    It was probably injured or stressed to lose it's antlers this early

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