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  1. dan is that a nilgai. I hear they are tough to kill what did you shoot it with.  nice hunt

    Yes it is and yes they are but I had my .257 Weatherby with me as I wasn’t originally going to hunt Nilgai
    The recommend .30 cal and up but I have this custom build souped up to 3675 fps with a 100gr Barnes TSX copper bullet
    It was a one shot kill at 235 yards through both shoulders
    The Nilgai bull made it about 50 yds after he shot and went down
    The outfitter and ranch owner who has killed many of them said they had never seen it done
    Speed, well constructed bullet and shot placement are key

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  2. Called in a bird yesterday for my cousing his 1st turkey ever then scored for myself this morning....both text book hunts and the decoys closed the deal. Tom beat up my Avion X half strut jake this morning before I put an end to him

    jerry turkey 1.jpg

    tom decoy me.jpg

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  3. This is my first year with a muzzleloader and late season hunting. Do you guys generally find the deer this time of year are “last light feeding” type. I am trying to put a strategy together. I have bedding areas, pinch point, and cut bean field to hunt. Trying to decide what is the best tactic and time to be where

    ‘Bout Time

    Between bedding and cut bean field would be my call

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  4. So Im all set for my trip to Ohio for late muzzleloader in January. I just purchased my license and they do things very different. It is certainly not cheap!
    The reason I like Ohio is I love the fact it gives me a opportunity to extend the hunting season. Instead of cutting into our season here. Im leaning towards September Maine bear hunting to add to the short list.
    Any other suggestions of late season or early season out of state hunts?

    Texas every 1st week of March for hogsIMG_1168.JPG

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