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  1. Man.... I feel bad for you guys.... Try having the property you have hunted for 30 years get bought out from under you by some A$$Hole ( Snuck behind my back on a bid). Get hurt the day before Gun season taking stands off the same property... Shooting hand and arm in a F-in cast .. and have to sit and read all the big buck posts....
    Yea....I feel really bad for you guys....

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    I feel your pain brother!

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  2. 6 minutes ago, whaler1 said:

    Yep. And a big 8 during bow. He hunts every day and wants a big guy. He’s happy but can’t wait for muzzleloader now.
    He will now have to chase steelies and browns for a few weeks lol.

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    Slap him and tell him to smile that's a great buck!

  3. stuff was jiggy this morning think I saw the droptine was a shooter for sure but no clear shot. Saw 6 buck they were dogging doe and a 6 pt tried mounting a doe

    Got pictures of the droptine buck on 3 different cameras last night between midnight and 3:40 am



    mendon droptine11192.JPG

    mendo droptine11193.JPG

    mendon droptine11194.JPG

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