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  1. So for those that didn't attend and have not heard Lake Ontario is deplete of a couple age classes of alewives due to severe cold winters in 2013 and 2014 stocking needs to be cut until we get those 2 yrs of age class out of the system and have a more balanced alewife population. 20% cut in stocking is the way they see to do this.....THE END

  2. 19 minutes ago, rdebadts said:

    Yeah, but they don't HAVE to answer to us. They can do whatever they want. Isn't it a good thing that they are involving us? They clearly care what we think- they answered questions for over an hour, and have incorporated things that fisherman have suggested in the past. The more involved and intelligent we are, the more they will listen to us.

    The Fishin' Physician Assistant

    That's a theory I don't believe .....they will do what THEY believe is right....I'm not saying they are right or wrong just stating that attending the meeting was informational and not going to have a bearing on what they do in the future

    You can choose to believe they are taking to heart what you want but it's like a parent listening to a kid explain why they should be allowed to go to a party....the parent listens but in the end they will do what THEY think is best 


  3. 12 hours ago, rdebadts said:

    So I went to the meeting today. A lot of great data, including presentation of hypothetical data with different alewife hatches and the potential impacts. Those guys were really impressive with how prepared they were. I really do think that Andy and Steve have our best interests at heart.

    My only regret is that more people didn't show. There is no better setting to directly discuss the management of our fishery- literally the 2 most important players in the whole lake were fielding questions for over an hour.

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    It was a seminar explaining their actions and why they believe its the prudent thing to do.....attending does nothing to change the out come or their minds..... 

  4. Finally!

    Saturday Aug 26th  Double D finally cracked the 30 lb barrier!

    32lbs on a certified scale fishing in 600' of water fish came on a 500' Copper set up and had me strung out 800' after his run, he then bulldogged and I couldn't move him,had to pull all rods and drop to almost neutral over a 40 minute battle. Came on my custom Double D flasher and  cut herring meat. My Buddy wasn't entered in the derby,my fault for not having him do so but not sweating a couple hundred $$




    15 minutes prior hooked up and my buddy landed a 28lb King 2 largest fish of the year and 15 minutes apart



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