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  1. One scrap racked buck this morning
    Yesterday I left the stand about 30 minutes early on a whim and found 4 doe and 2 8 point buck fighting in the field near my jeep I watched for 20 minutes The bucks were just a little too small for what I’m looking for and I passed on shooting one
    My cameras were blowing up last night also

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  2. Congratulations to all with your recent harvest. Got my opportunity yesterday while leaving my hunting spot. Spotted a buck that had a doe pinned down in the golden rod while walking out. Put the wind in my favor and started the stalk. While crawling on my belly I would stop every few yards to check his location. 150 yards and one hour later I put an arrow in the sweet spot. Not my biggest but Definitely my most deserving and hardest earned deer!! 62707142497__0046D515-0646-4622-BDBF-01AC6A4F9B3F.thumb.JPG.e875d44cc53e0ee7440922eae7a9ee6c.JPGIMG_3356.thumb.JPG.f5935ec27685f5c3b6a99bbd01e14822.JPG

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  3. Clean heart well and cut into about 1" to 1 1/2" pieces.

    Lightly dredge in flour

    Pan fry in butter or bacon drippings with  sliced onions and a bit of extra virgin olive oil

    Season to taste while cooking with salt,pepper,garlic powder,a dash of Thyme and Beau Monde(optional)

    When almost cooked deglaze with sherry


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  4. I saw a Kong yesterday afternoon had him coming to the grunt tube and he hung up at 40 yds saw an 8 pt and spike also yesterday afternoon

    this morning saw 3 buck many fawns and some doe One buck was grunting up a storm and on a doe

    I'm shocked the amount of movement I've seen in this tropical weather...ya never know but what I do know is I still can't catch a GD break and get a shot at one they are so close but its like the guy with the dollar on the fishing pole"almost"

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