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  1. Only you can answer this question
    Your heart must not be set on the big guy if you are even considering hunting the other buck?
    If you are happy shooting the 130 with out remorse that is your answer
    If you are going to wish you held out and hunted the buck you have history with then hold out
    Tag soup isn’t so bad when it’s chased down with worthy effort and challenging fun

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  2. On 6/4/2020 at 11:38 AM, ifishy said:

    sandy creek is a good alternative as well closer than the oak and shorter run to deep water.  but to be honest with that size boat follow the wind and reports.  you can get from the oak to ibay in half an hour that is a fantastic stretch to be open to and if you expand it to an hour you can get from sodus to the niagra there are always  fish in that run from spring till fall that is the benefit of the smaller boat 

    you are not getting from Ibay to the Oak any where near 1/2 hour

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  3. 52 minutes ago, chinook35 said:

    Nope. You won’t be driving to ANY Canadian provinces any time soon. You can drive to 3 states , but you shouldn’t. This virus is new. It’s a constantly changing scenario. Nobody has EVER dealt with something like this too soon to tell if Sweden’s answer is the right one. We are erring on the side of caution I’m all in on that

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    It's a point I'm making NYC is a different world from most of NYS and far enough away that other parts of NY should be managed by county isn't that what was being preached micro managed and county by county....I for one am long tired of being painted with the scummy corrupt free loading NYC brush  

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  4.   NY isn't just NYC draconian measures are not warranted state wide....crap I can drive to 3 states and 2 Canadian provinces quicker than I can to NYC ...I'm sorry we can't throw the baby out this the bath water...Check out what Sweden is doing their stats are no different than ours being locked down

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