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  1. 24 minutes ago, whaler1 said:

    Wind can’t make up its mind. West, southwest, northwest........ haven’t seen a squirrel, let alone a deer yet.

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    Yup that's why I'm taking a break today wind is all over the place


  2. Congrats Dan, well done. I'm curious did you ever find out what made that noise and remedy it? 

    Thanks Vince
    Not really day before yesterday while warmer temps I bounced up and down on that stand and it won’t make a peep!
    Yesterday with the colder temps it was making noise again but I was prepared for it and in proper position so I didn’t have to move
    We set it up hastily last Thursday
    I’m not a ladder stand fan myself
    I hunt Lone Wolf lock on stands and never have that issue

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  3. I had a dream last night that a nice buck came out and I shot it.  I reloaded and as I was walking towards the first buck, an even bigger buck came out and I shot that too.  The dream is far from reality but my question is:  "If you have your regular season tag and your bow/muzzy tags is it legal to shoot two buck in muzzleloader season"?
    BTW in my dream they were slammers - sorry no pics.  I don't know how to upload them. :smile:

    Yes and I have killed 2 Buck the last day and last 5 minutes of muzzle loader season the Fat Lady was walking on stage

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  4. 3 minutes ago, whaler1 said:

    How cool is that!

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    Billy very cool same stand I helped my cousin set up last Thursday that he killed his buck from and same stand that made the noise Saturday costing me the Big 8 pt 


  5. Finally had a shooter in sight yesterday afternoon 1st one all season that got my heart beating ....50 yds stare down for 10 minutes finally he turned and started walking back the way he came and got behind some trees...that was the break I needed I was able to stand and pull my gun up but as my luck has been running all season another bad break and the stand I was in made an awful loud creaking noise and off bounded a wide and high stud 8pt with a body like a horse,This is the same stand my cousin killed his buck from a couple days ago
    Frustrated,disgusted and dishearten sums things up....

     Did take a doe yesterday morning 


    doe 2019.jpg

  6. 3 hours ago, Legacy said:


    today i settled with 80 grains of blackhorn 209 w/ barnes 50 cal 250 grain spit-fire tmz

    Im not totally satisfied yet but that combo seemed to be the best.

    Bump it up I'm shooting 110gr with that bullet

    BH209 group.jpg

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