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  1. Another banner day on the big O !

    Left the shoot at 5:30 am from I Bay and headed out to 80 ft and started setting up.

    Every thing clicked for us once again. 3 color and 7 color lead core off the boards, riggers and Dipsys.

    It was the day of the dolphin. Modified Carmel, regular Carmel, green dolphin , modified blue dolphin were the ticket as well as green dolphin spin Dr and sweet pea fly. Sister sledge stayed hot also( Carmel dolphin colored lure)

    Fish came from 100 to 150 FOW water and from 15 to 50 ft down.

    Went 22 for 30 a half dozen or so skippys and the rest nice fish. 5 Steelhead the largest 9 lbs, 2 coho one 9 lb and the rest kings largest was 16 lbs.

    The fishing has just be outstanding from the 1st day right on through! No may lull this year.

    We tried to stay away from the pack that was working the break line out deeper, no fun zig zagging thuru traffic and it wasn't necessary.

    Hope everyone else had a good day too!

    Good fishing,





  2. Another nice day on the lake!

    10 for 12 2 steelhead ( one nice 9 lbs) and the rest kings largest 15 lbs.

    100-130 FOW 24-44 down riggers and dipsys. Modified Carmel dolphin and Sister Sledge did all fish but 2

    Those came on a green dolphin spin Dr and sweet pea fly on dipsy, had one othe rip on that set up but came un buttoned quickly.

    Should be a nice weekend today we were all alone not another boat in sight.

    Good luck and good fishing



  3. Took my gal and my pooch out today for the 1st time . We fished from 11:00 til 2:30

    Set up in 70 FOW and trolled north

    Wind moved everything around warm water still 51 on surface and 49 down 60 ft.

    Trolled north to 160 ft caught 3 at around 100 ft 53 ft down

    Other fish came from 85 to 100 ft all at around 50 ft down

    Everything was on riggers and lost one on a dispy down around 50 ft also

    Ended up 4 for 5 all kings the biggest 8 lbs

    Modified Carmel dolphin did everything except one came on a super skank Fuller

    Good Luck and good fishing!


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  4. Great day on the lake fished east 60-90 ft from 6:30 til 12:30

    Went 10 for 13 4 kings two small and two teenagers , 1 8lb coho and 5 steelhead ranging from 7 to 10 lbs

    Riggers ,3 color lead core ,and 2 came off dipsys all spoon bite NBK, modified Carmel dolphin, green and white stinger were the movers today

    Only bad part was its amateur hour at the outlet launch !

    Good luck all!

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  5. I bought a puerto rican bomber on ebay a month ago just had to have that pattern paid $15 for it which was to much but I just had to have it. Happy day caught a fish with it 6 lb brown...half hour later planer board line hooked rod, lost rod reel and lure


    Now I got to thinking...have the pattern you want made up so I contacted John at http://www.bigbassbaits.net great guy and great products had him make me up a faux Puerto Rican and it works like a charm.









    If you want to collect a cindy maybe you want to buy this guys lures???

    If you want to fish with a cindy sent John an email and picture and he will paint you up one just like it.


    Best to all !


    John has some Puerto Rican patterns ready to go on ebay no wait great price also


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