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  1. These are what I use and put them through the hexagon hole Rick has the nut and bolt through. Drill the hole a little bigger, press in, and I flare the end. Takes about a minute per release. Probably don't need to flare them but I do.


    Like these....I'm going to see if I can add some hex nuts for added weight



  2. We went 20 for 23 off Ship Builders today mostly small cookie cutter browns but 2 were around 8 lbs

    Mixed bag caught a small skipper 3 lb King, a Steelhead about 5 lbs and 2 Atlantics.

    All rods were firing, planers and riggers Apelina diamonds on the riggers and Thundersticks,Yozuri and bombers off boards

    Hot lures of the day were Billy Baroo,metallic rainbow and silver purple

    My buddy with an Atlantic


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  3. Wow, it's fishing ...for some it's a business for others it's a passion and fun but this isn't the deadliest catch!

     I enjoy every part of the season, spring brown fishing is great, then steelhead and lakers till the kings go on the bite

    We need to stand together as a group not quibble over minusha.

    It's a fishing derby that costs $30 to enter,if you don't like the rules keep your cash in your pocket and don't enter.

    It's the thrill of the chase more so than winning any ways

    Good luck and have fun !

  4. I do think it is a good one for Great Lakes fishing,I only have one day behind it but am happy with features and function.

    Garmin customer service is also some thing that impressed me. That's as much as I can say to this point ...so far so good and I'm quiet pleased with my chose of the 50 DV

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  5. My Garmin 50 DV arrived today so I went right to hooking it up.

    I was less than pleased to find the transducer only has a 20' cable. I checked around for an extension and they are $90 for 10' extension cable and no one had one in stock

    I was ready to pack it up and return it but I called Garmin and spoke to customer service ( got right thru no waiting on hold) I told them of my displeasure and They are sending me out the extension free of charge!

    This was one of the reasons I chose Garmin 1st rate customer service!

    I'll report back after I use it a bit.

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  6. I am in the same situation, Furuno 1670 or 1870 but after transducer and mappping software cost climbed

    Deciding factor was 1670 and 1870 are horizontal displays and narrow

    This week ended up ordering the Garmin echomap 50DV it's a 5" screen but a verticle 5"

    The Garmin echoMAP 50dv has a 5-inch display, which provides VGA-quality imaging. Built into the echoMAP 50dv is Garmin’s trademarked High-Definition Identification target tracking technology. Better known as HD-ID, it provides a super clear image of the area under the boat. Garmin echoMap 50dv combines HD-ID with the DownVü scanning sonar, which provides a virtually photographic view of structure in the water.


    The built-in GPS receiver on the Garmin echoMAP 50dv has a speed of 10 Hz which allows it to update position 10 times a second. The higher update frequency results in more fluid boat movement display. Also included is sonar-recording capability for coordinating the timing of the sonar return with your boat’s position. You can playback your sonar recording on a PC with HomePort software or send it wirelessly to an Apple device equipped with BlueChart Mobile software.


    The Garmin echoMAP 50dv comes pre-loaded LakeVu HD map package, which provides details of 17,000-plus US lakes; or the BlueChart g2 coastal map package. The 50dv is capable of storing up to 5,000 waypoints and 100 routes. It also has a track log capacity of 50,000 points, with 50 saved tracks. The unit is equipped with two microSD cards for expanding the built-in flash memory and additional cartography. Garmin echoMAP 50dv comes with the transducer, power and data cable, tilt and swivel mount, flush mount, protective cover, and a user manual

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