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  1. 1 hour ago, GAMBLER said:

    They were moving this morning on the way to work.  The lady in front of me on the parkway didn't have a good morning!  She hit a deer and it was stuck in the wheel well still alive! 

    Rob I bet you could have killed that one:rofl:

  2. Sat the whole day minus 1 1/2 between 9:30-11:00am

    Had a shooter through 2 times in the morning along with 2 doe and a fawn then 11- til dark a fat goose egg

    The day before with a hot doe running around it was a frenzy 

    Boom to bust that's how it works

  3. Congrats again to all the successful!

    Hunting another property
    From noon till dark it was chaos chasing and buck after buck
    2 shooters no shots
    Shooter passed me twice this morning and no shots again
    Thick as dog hair where I’m huntingAdjustments.JPGAdjustments.JPGAdjustments.JPG

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  4. Signs of the Lockdown Phase

    During the lockdown, it can seem like deer literally just disappear in one of the best deer hunting secrets there are. But there are signs that the peak rut is approaching. In the northern half of the country, the first two weeks of November usually overlap the lockdown period. The time frame will be the same from year to year within a few days, which is your best bet at estimating this period. But there are also other signs. If you notice fawns wandering around by themselves, looking lost without a doe, it’s likely the doe chased them away to breed. Similarly, you may only be getting yearling bucks responding to your Code Blue® estrous scents during this time period. They are chased off by larger bucks and often not accepted by doe groups, so they tend to wander the woods looking to take part in the action somehow. If you’d been getting daylight pictures of mature bucks regularly on your trail cameras, but they suddenly seem to disappear, you’re likely in the lockdown. Finally, you’ll rarely see a lone doe during the lockdown phase. Any estrus does will usually have a buck in tow, and any that aren’t in heat will usually stay in larger doe groups.

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