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  1. Permitted Ice Fishing

    Ice fishing is permitted in the following waters:

    All non-trout waters unless otherwise prohibited.

    Certain trout waters listed in the app including Lake Champlain, Lake Erie, Niagara River, Lake Ontario, St. Lawrence River, Finger Lakes, Border Waters, most New York City reservoirs, and all other waters designated as ICE FISHING PERMITTED in SPECIAL REGULATIONS BY COUNTY. Read through the regulations pertaining to the water you intend to fish. Where ice fishing is permit- ted, fish may be taken in accordance with the seasons, minimum size and creel limits in effect in that water. Wherever ice fishing is permitted, no more than 3 hand lines and 5 tip-ups may be used, except as noted in BORDER WATERS, LAKE CHAMPLAIN or SPECIAL REGULATIONS BY COUNTY. All tip-ups must be marked with the name and address of the operator. The operator must be present when lines (tip-ups or hand lines) are in the water. Tip-ups may only be operated on waters of the state between November 15 and April 30.

    Remember: Trout waters where ice fishing is permitted are specifically designated in this guide; ice fishing is prohibited in all other trout waters. If you are unsure whether a water is considered trout or non-trout, contact the DEC Regional Office for that area.

    No person shall operate a tip-up that has more than 5 lures or baits or a combination of both, or has more than 15 hook points in any combination of single, double or treble hooks.

    Ice shanties

    Ice shanties must be marked on the outside with the owner’s name and address in letters at least 3 inches high. Shanties must be removed from all waters by March 15 to prevent them from falling through the ice in spring and becoming hazards to navigation.

    Duck Killer

  2. I got 2 really really small lakers in about 130ft on the bottom. I had tips out but no takers. Maybe if the ice holds I'll bring the kids and blanked the area with tips this weekend. Lol

    Getting desperate for nice lakers!

    Duck Killer

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