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  1. I have tried cheaters with no success. And lots of tangles. What kind of line are people using. Can someone describe there cheater set up and if there are any tricks to minimize tangle ups?

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  2. I picked the brain of a lowrance pro at the Toronto sportsman show. After a lengthy conversation he has convinced me that that elite 7 would be my best bet. Based on the fact that there won't be anything additional I will add. The only thing I wish the elite series had like the HDS series is the wireless hookup to an iPad or tablet. That would be great to have.

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  3. I have 2 older model big Jon downriggers with dual rod holders. 1 of the rod holders is very loose and can't seem to get it to stay up as it always falls to its lowest position. Any suggestions on how one might fix that?

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  4. Sk8man, appreciate the input but I think what I was saying came out wrong and agree with you. That I should look into dipsys before electronics. However that being said my boat fish finder is garbage an I like to fish multiple species and finding structure is important so that is a priority first the probe is really just something one day I would like to have. Nessmuk. Deff gonna look into that book. I'm a very beginner when it comes to trolling so a good read may be very helpful. So back to the task at hand. Any other suggestions for trolling rods?

  5. We use the Ugly Stick BWD 1101 9f or they have it in an 8ft 3. Will work for every thing on any lake, then you will need your dipsy rods. With a 17ft Crestliner if you could get enough folks in it you could run as many rods as you want. Put a load of kids in it and put out 18 rods.:)

    For some reason dipsy divers don't interest me at this point but they seem to be used by a lot o people. Would love to run some planer boards with riggers double stacked with mupps. Having enough trouble getting the boss on board to buy all my rigging gear. Dipsys will have to wait a few years. Plus I would like to get a new fish finder/GPS and fish hawk x4d too.

  6. Bass pro has their own which are like those. I have one but I would suggest one with the bigger holes in the netting. Mine has 3/8 -1/2 " holes & the hooks get caught in it . I feel bigger holes would be better.

    X2. I have a bass pro version. I h e yet to net salmon but has worked great for 5# bass and walleye. Hopefully next year it will see more lake trout and salmon due to my riggers being installed. Love the rubber coating. Even if hook gets caught it comes out pretty easy
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