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  1. Many newer parts: Coils, electronics, etc from previous rebuild. Let me know what you need and I'll give you a great price. $600 for complete motor. Lower unit for $350.
    2 stainless steel props: 15.5 X 14 and a 15 X 16  for $100 each. Snagged a ring in left bank. 

    Do you have the trim/tilt switch and harness? May also be interested in the trim/tilt assembly if you have it?

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  2. Looking to pickup a 9.9 for a kicker on my Tracker. 
    Prefer a 4 stroke. Not looking for anything too old either. 

    Check out onlineoutboards.com they have some impressive pricing and are well reviewed. Also Cabelas/Bass Pro seems to have the corner on pricing for mercury kickers pricing wise. I was shocked how good their price was when I priced a new 9.9 pro kicker last year.

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