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  1. :lol: Mike
    Sylvan - These older ones don't have a nut on the shaft where the drag knob is for the socket to go over. I think the open part slips over the shaft and then the knob is tightened down on it maybe? have to think about it a bit....maybe a nut would fit on the shaft and the other more modern one might work....Guess after seeing a couple of these probes go to the bottom on other guys boats I'm a little paranoid :lol:

    Ah, I gotcha. I picked up an old set at the end of last season I’ll have to look at them when I pull the boat out. I had not thought about this.....

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  2. If you search Sylvan 18.5 in the classified section there are some good pics of the Sylvan I did. Fun project, should have kept it. Relocated the batteries to the front to balance it out.

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  3. I did one on my sylvan a few years back. You may need a long screw driver or breaker bar. Mine was saturated and expanded not allowing it not to come out. I was able to pry and get it out in a few big pieces which I used for a template. I used 3/4 marine plywood and bonded two sheets together with 301 epoxy and coated the whole thing. Was pretty straight forward all in all



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