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  1. Lake Michigan guy here. These days we seem to only run short leaders on dipsies for cohos or when bouncing bottom for lake trout. Our success rate went way up on kings when we started running long leaders. Last year our best was around 25' the previous year 50' was best. The longer leaders actually work in shallow water better than anywhere else because the boat spooks the fish. The only scenario where we'll run a short leader for kings is with a jplug down deep in August when the fish are starting to stage but haven't come into the piers yet. It's a rig aimed at triggering a strike out of aggression.

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  2. Silver Horde plugs still new in package, some are custom colors. There are 14 in total and they are as follows:

    (2) Dreamsicle - Silver Horde #4
    (2) Glow Red Head - Silver Hord #4
    (2) Mixed Veggies Custom - Silver Horde #4
    (2) Chartruese Lightning - Silver Horde #4
    (1) Chrome Mud Lover - Ace Hi
    (2) Yellow Tail - Silver Horde #5
    (2) Chartruese Chrome Mud Lover - Ace Hi
    (1) Chrome Mud Lover - Silver Horde #4
    Price is $50 plus shipping.


  3. I have the following that came off some used reels I just purchased, no use for it as I don't use leadcore or 45lb copper line.


    1 - Fullcore with 100ft of 25lb Big Game hi-vis and 50lb PowerPro. This was spooled on a Shimano Tekota 700 and fit perfectly. I've left everything intact so all you have to do is reel it onto the reel and you're good to go. Line appears to have been used a couple seasons.


    1 - 600ft of 45lb super copper, several years old and the tin coating has worn some but definitely still some life left in it.


    1 - 300ft of 45lb regular copper, used about a season I'd guess and in pretty good shape it appears.


    $35 shipped CONUS takes it all, payment via PayPal preferred.



  4. - (1) 12lb and (1) 14lb cannon balls with fin, $65 shipped.


    - 600' of 45lb super copper, it is several years old and came off a reel I just purchased but still have a few years of life left, only selling because I've switched over to running 32lb copper on all my rods. $25 shipped


    - [sOLD] Torpedo Ball Bearing 90# snap swivels, 50 pack, brand new,$35 shipped. As seen here... http://www.anglersavenueproshop.com/torpedo-ball-bearing-90-snap-swivel/



    Payment by PayPal or Chase QuickPay preferred.




  5. I have the following two dipsy diver rods for sale. The action on these is almost identical so they work great to create a well balanced spread or to pair as the high diver rod in a double diver setup on both sides of the boat and get the same separation on both sides. The action is very similar to a Shimano Talora.

    1 - Gander Mountain Advantage Dipsy Diver rod, GMA - 1002CH-DD 10'0" Heavy Action / Line WT. 12-30lb / Lure WT. 3/8-3/4 OZ --> 2 piece rod, Twili Tip added, seen 3 years of use but has plenty of life left. All guides are in good shape with no damage.

    1 - Okuma Big Lake Tournament Series, BLT-DD-1002MH 10'0" Braided Line: 20-40lbs, Monofilament line: 10-30lbs --> 2 piece rod, Twili tip added, used just last year, only hase 20 trips on it. One guide was damaged due to user error but this has since been replaced.

    $60 shipped CONUS to your door. Payment via PayPal if shipping.



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