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  1. Here you go guys, we are doing a show from all the video we did at the Wilson Harbor Invitational.

    We filmed on several boats and this turned out great.

    This will be a 4 part series and Part 1 is up and ready for you to watch, you will need to click the link below

    and become a member at the Fishing and Hunting Forum to watch.  Enjoy it is awesome !!!!!!!!!!!



  2. moemoe I hope you know Wally personally to be saying that.


    Greg Magee owns the Blue Fairways the 50' and owns a company, Magee Insurance Group

    Wally captains the boat


    The Blue Fairways is Sponsored by the Fishing and Hunting Forum which I hope after watching the Salmon Showdown

    you guys roam around the forum and join in the conversations.  Maybe even tell us about yourself, what boat you are and what tournaments you fish.

  3. It's is on the Pursuit Channel for 26 weeks starting in late January or the being of February.

    We are waiting to see where they place us but you can see it each week a couple days prior

    on the fishingandhuntingforum.com  Scotty will put it on with a secret pass code to watch it early

    for members of the forum.  So you will need to join the forum and keep watching.



  4. Wildcard applications are now being accepted for the Salmon Showdown Season 6!

    3 fish. 10 Grand. Winner take all! As always we’ll be picking at least one wild card entry from all the applications that we receive. Whether you’re a fan of the show, or just a fan of an extra 10 grand all you have to do is fill out a simple online entry form and you’ll be up for consideration. We’re looking first and foremost for teams with great attitudes! In other words – if you’re shy, you need not apply! But then if the thought of being followed by a camera crew as you fish the Trail sounds exciting and fun then why not give it a shot.



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