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  1. Lol just got bored looking at dirt and weeds. This plot is in my backyard and I like watching the deer chew. The plot is a hodgepodge of different plants. Clover, brassicas, pumpkins etc etc
    Anything but scientific but lots of fun.
    Once the Conceal gets over five feet high along the edge it really gets hammered.

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    When did you plant conceal? I used it for the first time this June. Half is growing excellent in a shady area, the full sun area looks like crap

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  2. I have an Excalibur and a Camx
    I don’t have a problem with either but the camx is superior in my opinion. It’s made by a company out of Rochester from what I read. I can de cock the bow with one hand using the rope and it’s 8lbs of pressure. Much better than going through a pile of the de cocking bolts. Very accurate and 340fps, which is the ideal medium between speed and accuracy.

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  3. Wow! Where do I begin!
    Last Tuesday I past a buck because it was 30 minutes past sunset. Well tonight the conditions were perfect to go after that deer. I literally setup in the woods where I bumped him a week ago.
    About 420 or so I heard a gun shot within 100 yards of me. I text the neighbor and he tells me he is not hunting. I tell him he has a trespasser then. We agree to dispatch the DEC and to meet up. I pack up my gear, throw on my blaze orange, and start walking towards the shot. I circle around the woods and I notice a deer in my field flopping around. It's a hundred yards or so I call the neighbor and let him know I have a half dead deer in my field. It lifts its head and it looks to be a buck. I put glass on him and he's a mature buck. God damnit. I patiently wait for a poacher to approach the deer. Maybe five minutes or so and a hunter from the neighbors woods enters my field and puts another round into it. He notices me and calls out. I ignore him, start walking away, and call the neighbor. The snow doesn't lie. I head out to my truck as I don't want to spook the guy. DEC and the neighbor meet up and come in from the opposite direction. Once they are on site, I go grab my truck and drive in from my side. They find the guy with the deer on the neighbors property. The guy gets run through the ringer from the neighbor and tickets are issued. To make matters worse the trespasser shot the deer from the neighbors tree stand.
    The reason I mentioned the deer last week because I would be willing to bet it is the same damn deer. His left side is the tell.
    I am so glad we caught the guy but what a heart breaker. Just some local guy who thought it would be a good idea to go in there. Even though everything is posted up tighter than tight. By the sounds of it, it wasn't the first time he had been in there. Although he tried to convince the DEC otherwise he literally walked a straight line from his residence to the neighbors stand.
    Here's a bad on site picture .
    Main frame 10. Stickers on g3 left side make him a 12. I'm literally sick to my stomach.
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    That's crazy. Glad he was caught.

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