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  1. Not much sense in fishing...on your boat....I catch a lot of fish....I put back a lot of fish too....usually the bigger ones from bluegills to northern pike but if anyone on my boat wants to keep their catch....its up to THEM....whether for a mount or to eat....my 2 cents.

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  2. Mrsbass..don't be bothered by the negative comments...as some have said you did nothing wrong...the put a "keeper size limit" on fish to KEEP. Besides they are a hybrid so they are not going to reproduce....they are a put and keep fish....having said that I don't have a problem with catch and release either. Most of these negative nancies are trophy only deer hunters and complain when someone shoots a small 6 point buck...congrats to an awesome grandmother fisher person...I'd loce to be in the same boat!

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  3. happened on this site from iceshanty.com and spend lots of time on the water around sodus and port bays and also on the finger lakes.

    have a small 14' outboard and 17' tracker fishing boat w/60hp evenrude. if you see me stop by and say hello. been on the water around here for 50yrs. slowed down a little but not much.

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