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  1. Sheldrake... I meant to say Milliken, lol! But seriously the fish weren't there like usual, bait was pasted on the bottom in 175' and most of the big fish were suspended in the middle of the lake. One great thing about not having to winterize is the next warm day I'm headed out again, lol!!

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    LOL... I spent a lot of time fishing at Sheldrake with my Dad for many years. It was the first place I fished from a boat on my own and I ran 2- 5 leader rigs. I caught 3 fish that morning while my Dad fished around me from another boat and kept and eye on me. I was only 13. With all the nice weather we are still having, I hope to get Marlene out once more, but winterizing sucks... Thanks for the report!

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  2. The Grand Prize has been raised to $10,000 for 2018.


    We are seeking Corporate Sponsors to help raise money for increased prize structures in the future. There are other oppourtunities available also. Please forward any suggestions to me personaly and I will see they get forwarded.


    Please follow and share our Facebook page to stay up to date.

    National Lake Trout Derby on Seneca Lake


    Thank you!


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  3. I thank Great Lakes Lure Maker for letting folks know on fb and here, and for putting a lot of effort into continued tradition of the NLTD along with some improvements (live updates) so less small fish are brought in. 
    Also, I agree with the quote, "Fishing is not a competitive sport, its a contemplative sport".  But I think there's nothing wrong with putting all that contemplative time we put in and have a fun friendly little competition once in a while, as long as it stays respectful of the conditions of the lakes.  I think most of the guys on here are very respectful and aware of the state of the lakes.  Bass tournaments on the other hand, I would guess likely have a bigger toll on the lake because there are a lot more professional bass fisherman than trout/salmon, and they travel from far away sometimes to fish Cayuga as it's been one of the tourney locations for the bass masters for awhile.  I think it's probably a good time to give Cayuga a break from large scale bass tournaments.

    Thank you! I try to bring these ideas to all of us who are involved so that I can get everyones oppinion on proposed changes and therefore can go back to the Derby Group with an informed opinion based on those of us who are involved. A lot of folks running the derby are not fisherman and sometimes it can be difficult to explain to them why certain things need to be changed for the better. It helps a lot when folks chime in, as they did on the FB page. Hard for the group to not listen when so many folks (as was the case recently) were unanimous in their opinion. So I would like to thank all of you for your support and for sharing your thoughts on these topics as I bring them to the table for discussion. Thank you!

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  4. There was alot of dead bait before the derby. No way did vhs travel that fast bait is so thick on Seneca this year it's probably being stunted by predators such as fish and birds just going through schools. Probably nothing to be to concerned about 

    You're exactly correct. Most of the bait floating to the surface is the result of being gorged on... Sawbellies are a very fragile fish.

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  5. The derby is this weekend. You won't want to miss this one! Excellent payouts that have been increased this year. $7,500 grand prize and $3,000 for first place lake trout

    $1,500 first place prize for landlocks, rainbows and browns.

    Here is a link for registration locations. You must be registered prior to the event which starts Saturday at 5am and continues till noon Monday.



    Good luck to all who will be entered!

    Thank you,



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