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  1. I spent some time on Catheriine creek. Didnt see any fish caught. Spoke to a few people and only one fella said he saw a fish caught earlier in the morning but that was all. Lots of trout in the creek, but its high and a little muddy. 

  2. I dont think trib fishing should be banned either. It's my girlfriends favorite method of fishing.  I do however think that when 9 out of 10 guys is finishing a drift with a good rip, or fellas who herd trout out of cover without hesitation, we have a problem. Maybe more DEC presence would be good. A couple officers to patrol the entire creek isnt enough. Carpet bomb the creek with officers the first week. write a lot of tickets with hefty fines. Once that message gets out, they wont be so likely to blatantly violate the laws. As far as stocking, the only problem I have with it is it's an "indicator" that something has gone wrong. What, who knows. But more and more as the years go by (i have fished Catherine for 35+ yrs) the bad out weigh the good. It went from a gentlemans sport to an all out outlaw fest.  And with the disgust for lifting expressed here, it seems enough is enough.  Stocking has been a staple to supporting good fisheries in the finger lakes for generations. I have participated in the "Angler Diary Cooperator" program since 1983. I am well aware of the efforts taken to produce the desired results. I get the results of the studies from the DEC every year. I am 45 yrs old and never in my life have rainbows needed further stocking in Seneca lake. Is lifting a problem, yes. Does it account for the decline in numbers, probably not. ( they survived DDT spraying and whirling disease) My guess would be more the constant trampling of the creek by fellas who cant take not catching trout when the run was early and the suckers are all thats there, so they kick every hole to find them. (herding) We could debate this all we want. Truth is we need more DEC presence to deter what has become the "norm" on Catherine creek. Restore the "tradition" and get control of the lawlessness. There are probably many solutions to this problem, but more presence is needed on Catherine. That I clearly see. 

  3. I agree, not much "sport" being taught there. These guys are once a year fishermen, at best. They get "buck fever" and will stoop to any low to "get one". Unfortunately, those sort of folks exist in all outdoor sports. Whether it be hunting, trapping or fishing their manhood is in jeopardy if they fail to get the big one. What happened to sportsmanship, educating youth, and just plain conservation of the sport?  Years ago, Tred Barta wrote an article called "Morons among us". Mostly referring to hunting, but the same applies here. Its up to us to point these individuals out, and remind them that the future of our sport is up to them to preserve or destroy it. We now have to stock rainbow trout in Seneca lake to preserve this fishery. (10,000 a yr for the past 2 yrs) Something is going wrong!

  4. According to the DEC official who was in charge of shocking Catherine Creek, they will be treating with lampracide again this year. Lots of lamprey scars on the rainbow run this year. He did not know to what extent, but said Keuka, Seneca, and Cayuga will probably all be treated.  If you are an "Angler Diary Cooperator" make notes of the number of scars found on your catch. That sort of input is valuable, and much more accurate than a stream sampling of rainbows. There is a scale of 1-4 the DEC uses to rate the scar. 1 is a hit and miss, 4 is attachment and hole. Of all the trout I saw them sample, I didn't here many 2-3 remarks, so I don't think you need to over examine them, just a rough idea would do. For that matter, just noting the number of scars would be sufficient. 


    The number of "cooperators" has plummeted in recent years, so if you fish much and want the DEC to know whats happening consider becoming a cooperator. This is valuable info to the DEC for management purposes. You can request the books from this email address. Be sure to let them know what lakes you fish, including Ontario so you get the right # of books.

      [email protected]

  5. I watched the first day of shocking. Most of the trout were males. First day was over 200, and they missed that many as well. lots of decent fish. 4-6lbs. A handful of fish were over 9lbs. (2) 12lbs.  Some of the recent stocked fish were even in the catch.  On the first day, they didn't make it to Croton Wall and already shocked more trout than in the last 20 years. Second day total was 36 trout, so most of the trout were in the lower stream, with few females ( about 1 out of 4 ) indicating the run is still in early stages.


    I agree with you all, this year will put a hurting on the lake caught bow's. We can only hope for high and muddy water, but another thing should be considered. I have watched guys all but trample every inch of the stream in order to "herd" trout out of cover. This practice is illegal and causes serious damage to spawn beds. One thing that might be considered is regulations on wading. It's bad enough this year will be a bonanza, but consider the damage to the beds and the fertilized eggs they may contain. 

  6. Yes, lot 1 is without doubt the "Oakie Doakie", manufactured by Great Lakes Lure Co. We have been out of business for some years, however are in the process of starting back up. That lure was "hydro dynamically" designed to provide an un equaled strike provoking action. Computer aided design and all dies were done by Newtown Tool and Die, (previously Bennett tool and die) HHDS ny, By the late Dick Bennett. My father "Junior" has suffered horrible back surgeries in the last 10 yrs ( completely fused neck and spine)and lost interest in lure making. He would like to see our lures being produced again and has recently turned over the company to me to produce lures again. This is the only thing I have been able to get him interested in again. I cant seem to talk him into going fishing though.  Any one who knows him, it would be nice if you reach out to him and wish him well. I would like to see him fishing again!

  7. None of those lures is a "Keuka Wobbler". It is a "look alike", but not an actual "Keuka Wobbler". Keuka wobbler was originally Produced by Charles Kausch of Bath Ny. A jeweler who became famous for his lures. Charles Kausch was a fishing partner of Seth Green (father of the Seth Green rig) and produced lures out of the back of his jewelry store. Kausch lures was later purchased by "Great Lakes Lure co" of Elmira NY.  One of Kasuch's most famous lures was the Silver Soldier. Coined from sterling silver. All his lures have become collectible, but not nearly as collectible as the Infamous Silver soldier.  Great Lakes Lure Co. has spent a lot of money to duplicate all the Kausch dies, in order to shelve the originals and is in the process of starting back up. We will be making the "Keuka Wobbler" and the "Silver Soldier", as well as our "Oakie Doakie". 


    Thank you,

    Jason Oakes

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