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  1. I have the hds7 and my friend has the hook. My hds7 has chirp and his does as well. The only difference between our units regarding the transducers is mine has 50/83/200 frequencies his is only 82/200. Both units have the 2 chirp frequencies. Its my understanding that the blue transducer connections are compatible. Im not very tecno either, but Im pretty sure it will work. Im pretty sure your transducer has a blue connector? If the unit also has a blue transducer connector it will work. The power connections are different. hds7 is black and hook is red.


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  2. These days plating is not a reliable option. We plated in silver, chrome, smoked chrome, etc. You send out a thousand lures and get them back in phases. And Im going back 20 years here. Some good, some not so good. Now we have blanks stamped out of junk metal coming from who knows where, cheap as cheap can be.... Buy stainless steel! You can't ruin it!

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  3. Disposition is huge in recovery. If the old man is hell bent on getting better it' a good thing

    Ditto that. I've seen my Dad recover from 9 horrible back surgeries. One he wasn't expected to make it through and I agree, disposition has a lot to do with a speedy recovery. Very sorry to hear about your dad Kevin. I know how close you both are. Praying for his speedy recovery and looking forward to seeing you both during the Derby.

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  4. i agree that everything you've done, Jason, is wonderful. I did notice that under "rules" it says the derby begins 5a SUNDAY; i'm pretty sure you want to change that to SATURDAY

    Rules also state "Contestants must present Registration Card for prize". In the past, one did not have to be at the award ceremony to receive a prize. Is that still the case?






    Thank you everyone for the compliments!

    Yes, the day is wrong, should be Sat. I have presented a list of corrections to be made. As far as reg card, this is in regard to door prizes. You must present your card to weigh a fish and no, you don't need to be present if you won money. They will mail your check and trophy if you won. A group of interns from the city of Geneva are doing the data entry, as a result, some changes and corrections are nesecary.


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  5. I agree with all of you that the show is very well attended and very well organized. Its also a great opportunity to get out and put faces to names and meet with folks we only otherwise speak to here on LOU. It was nice to meet Pap, and have the opportunity to see Les and all the other regulars who come to visit us and support us every year. Thank you!


    I would also like to thank all of you for coming out and supporting Great Lakes Lures and all the other fine vendors at this show as well as the Finger Lakes Trollers Association. Its nice to be a part of a great organization and some very good people. I believe Iron Duke summed it up quite well, and ditto what he said.

    Thanks again to all! Good luck and tight lines in 2017!


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