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  1. The 2017 derby is just around the corner and we are finishing up some last minute details


    We are currently building a new website. It will remain the same domain, but a whole new site.

    On the site there will be a link to follow "derby standings" in real time as reported by the weigh stations.

    We will also have a "sponsors page" and our new sponsors will be listed here.

    Online registrations will now automaticly send an email notification and you will receive your reg# this way. We are working to have this so that you can fill the reg online and print your application and reg# without having to mail it in. This may not be completed by this year but we are hopeful.


    I hope you are pleased with all the changes to date and if you have any questions or suggestions please direct them to me and I will do my best to make it happen.


    Please help spread the word and help us to continue this great tradition for many years to come!

    Thank you,



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  2. Hey Jason its Mike...you gonna have any of your uv lures there for sale? Saw them on facebook they look great

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    Mike, I won't have any UV yet. I just got some samples when I ordered tape last. Im working out which ones I will buy and die cutting details. Shouldn't be too much longer and I will have a UV selection.


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  3. Great Lakes Lures will be there. We are usually in the NE corner area. Look for our banner hanging from the ceiling. Hope to see you all there, stop by and say hi once the initial rush is over. Also for all LOU members, if you can wait till the initial rush is over to come purchase from us introduce yourself as a LOU member and I will give you an exclusive price discount for this event. Thanks everyone!

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  4. A lot of folks have experienced change over the last 20 plus years due to laws governing the use of voc's and restrictions against them. That said, paint is not what it used to be. There are some urethane based paints that can be more durable, but in the not so distant future, those paints will soon be phased out as well. So now you see a trend, not just among folks like us, but automotive industry is also stepping into water based paints. There are plenty of body shops and custom shops you can find who use only water based paints. Its a developing trend that im sure will soon become a norm. Now with that said, its probably best to deal with and accept the fact it will still change and not such a bad idea to experiment with it.

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  5. I use Createx water based paint. I have a video on YouTube where I fold over a painted lure, pound it with a hammer, UN fold it, pound it flat again with a hammer and the paint holds up. I find that cure time between processes and temperature are key. Humidity is also a factor. I also wire wheel every single blank that gets primer. Be careful if you choose to wire wheel lure blanks... I've lost skin doing it.

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  6. Just curious, but may I ask why? Instead of boats launching at 5:15 it will now be 4:15. Will this continue to change? Do you see a 12:01am Saturday start time in the future?

    I just read Sk8mans statement and he pretty much summed it up... In the past, start time was set by the fact that registration ends at 430 am. It took them till 6 to process late registrations. Therefore start time was 6am. Now that we are using email and other modern avenues those processes will be more streamlined and a 5am start time ( much more desired than 6) is now possible.

    In the future I don't see this time changing... I don't see any reason for a 1201 for instance.

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  7. Good news. Keep me in the loop Jason for what we mentioned earlier. Also, I never got back to you. I have you a sponsor from watkins.

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    Thanks Nick, sounds good. Sponsors will certainly be needed to help with the prize structure. Also, Bill Carey called me Monday and the Seneca Bass Masters has elected to stay on board with their participation in running the Sampson weigh station. We still have lost Battery L which worked Sat and Sun morning and are still looking to replace that spot.

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  8. Now that the group has its new officers and board of directors in place, tonight's meeting got right down to business. I am excited to say that Mr Stivers and Mr Franklin have secured the future participation of the City of Geneva. They will continue to provide tents, porta potty's and a location for derby headquarters. They are also willing to appoint interns to help with web development. This is good news and a step forward in the right direction. The derby is also seeking a grant from the City of Geneva, a vote on this grant will happen next week.

    Huge changes to the prize structure are in discussion. It was proposed, voted and accepted to double all prizes and add 5 more places to each catagory, if certain parameters are met. We need a 500 person increase in registration to make this happen as well as the grant to be approved.

    Mike Burt ( Iron Duke ) was chosen to chair the committee to oversee advertising, web development and presence.

    We also approved the use of Finger lakes Radio as well as WOKN to promote the derby. This will be at no cost to the derby as these stations will sell advertising to cover the cost of promotion.

    Discussion involving weigh station man power as well as chair persons to oversee all weigh station efficiency are in progress. Directors will oversee reporting and make sure all fish are properly identified and categorized.

    Jason Oakes and Tom Westervielt will chair registration committee and make regular visits to all satellite locations to assure an expedited registration process. Increased emphasis on online registration and late registration is also in discussion.

    A motion to move the derby bank account was approved and at least 2 signatures will be needed to approve expenditures.

    The boat raffle discussion is in motion and new ideas are being discussed.

    More emphasis on Memorial Weekend are also being discussed. No specific direction has yet to be discussed, but was approved to affiliate with other groups, such as Waterloo and Watkins Glen, who already have Memorial Ceremonies in place.

    Tonight's meeting was a huge success and a big move in the right direction! Much discussion went on and it was realized there is much more work to do. The meeting went on so long it had to be ended and our next meeting will start earlier. It was agreed that Mr Stivers, Mr Franklin, Mr Burt, and Mr Oakes will meet privately to discuss future direction of the derby, since there is just not enough time to meet our goals in a formal setting.

    Please share this exciting news with your fishing circles. This derby is here to stay and is moving in a direction that will secure its growth and in turn provide a much broader and larger payout. $10,000 grand prize is a huge payout. $4,000 for 1st place lake trout. $2,000 for first place BT, LLS, and RT. Lake trout division alone is huge! $4,000, 3,000 2,000 and 1,000 are the top 4 payouts!

    Congratulations to all who stepped up to see this derby continue and grow even bigger and better!

    Thank you and stay tuned for next months news!

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