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  1. Yes they are, I was down in the Merrimack over weekend and picked up 17 stripers all were short tho only 27" and below. Live bait on the bottom. Sunday there were 12-15' rollers coming in. Talk about a small fish in a big pond and my boat is 27' long.

    I'm in search of blue fish now, need shark bait... Lol

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  2. No I used a black coated galvanized pipe. Super strong hung the scale off it tonight and was able to pull 58lbs until I saw the table mounted base starting to lift.

    It's absolutely sweet! I'm never buying booms again....lol

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  3. So I read all the info on extending booms! Thanks LOU!!!

    After reading I ran out to HD and grabbed a 10' stick of 1-3/8 top rail brought it home and disassembled my rigger....

    The remove the first boom section, pre drilled the set screws for the new section.. Had too gentle grind down the insert ends about 3" up the pipe after that it was slick going, now I have a 72" extendable boom to play with as soon as the ice melts.

    I know everyone said by galvy but the black vynall pipe is perfect since now I don't have to paint anything and it's SHINNY

    Thanks again fellas

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  4. The issue is the extendable booms are too short still. Even all the way out, they still make contact with the main motor, like I said before 1 foot extension on the 52" boom would be ideal.

    Thanks I will try to pull up the later posts.

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  5. Steve - I'm not sure what weights you have on them but if your mounts are secure as they are a foot shouldn't make much difference with 10 lb weights....heavier may be a different matter. Mine are gimble mounted in recessed mounts and I have tested them with the 10 lb weights with no problem but never normally run them that way as I don't have that necessity.

    I have them mounted on custom ash boards which are mounted directly into my swivel gimbals. Strength shouldn't be an issue with the brackets, I'm a worried about the added length on the body of the rigger. I don't plan on running anything heavier than a 10lb weight anyways. My mag 10's are adjustable booms so my plan is remover the 1st section closest to the body and adding my length there. Only issue I'm finding is locating a tube with structural strength and same size as the cannon tubes. 1.25OD with 1.05Id.

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  6. Has anyone extended there cannon mag 10 booms? I'm running an outboard with a Gil bracket so in order to run a chute rigger I need to extend over the main motor. I don't have the beam of a 10' so off setting the rigger to port isn't really an option.

    Any advise would be great.


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  7. Willy-C, I really appreciate the Pic of the KJ under Power.  I love that boat too, but after being out there for the whole week I'm really leaning on wifey to allow me to purchase a vessel with a 10' beam.  She's just to narrow and light for some of the heavy salmon chop Lake O provides.  We had out share of Mishaps this week, Tangled 2 copper 300' lines, Burnt out a motor in one of the Mag 10's and the Toggle switch on the other only allowed the rigger to come up. ( At Least it still worked) Kind of Glad I brought the Manual Cannon's as Back UP!! 


    Well were home Now and looking back at our week....WHAT A LEARNING EXPERIENCE !!!!


    To finish up the Report 


    Thursday fished from Sun up to Sundown

    Boated 4 fish all day

    Started at Alcan Point in 350' FOW, Fish 1 came on a Green Flasher with Hammer Fly while setting out the steel.  approx 150' out at the time.  15lbs KIng

    Fish 2 came on DW spoon (Blue Whale) 75' down on Center Rigger 24" SteelHead

    Fish 3 came on White Flasher with Green Meat/Head combo 185' on rigger.  20" Atlantic Salmon

    Fish 4 came on same white flasher and Meat combo.  13lbs KING


    Friday  was Hot and SLOW FISHING

    we trolled from 6am to 4pm with only 1 fish landed it was 17lbs king on Green F/F Combo


    Saturday Morning we decided to fish close at reports where hitting the radio Friday night of the fish were coming down the shore line out by the Dunes, we trolled the 125' to 150' line along the shore line.  We managed to get knocked off 7 times!! Ya for us, only issue was they were all too small to keep except 1 fish a 13lb king using a White Flasher and Meat Combo.  


    Looks like the Fish have finally arrived close to shore, but whats the fun in just fishing were everyone else is.  We had a great time out on the BIG POND, we travelled approx 250 Miles on the water in 6 days according to the GPS Track.  


    Salmon Country Marina was Awesome along with Woody's Bait and Tackle, All Seasons Sports, and Screwy Lewy's in fairfield. (Stayed open after Hours in order to get parts for our Riggers)


    Thank You to Everyone who Helped us get information about the lake and what to use.  We will be back in the spring to challange the Brown's along the Shoreline.  

    I'll post Pics in the next reply.



    KJ Louise

  8. Well I'm finally able to post using the ponderosa wifi.

    Arrived Saturday morning around 9am. Lunched the boat at Salmon Country and moved it into its slot. Rigged everything with Green on Green. Decided to run the Chanel a few times to mark it for when we run early in the am but seeing the convoy of charter boats I didn't need too.

    Sunday morning- wind blow hard enough to make my 8yr old turn green. Decided to turn back round and head for the dock. Got a chance to hook up with Jason on the fish fighter he was able to provide some very valuable info on tactics and speed and water temp.

    Monday morning headed out with the fleet started in the 150 FOW area realized that copper is for people who have wide beam boats or tons of experience on Lake O. Tangle copper with steel and rigger. 300' Blood Run is junk! We only landed 1 small king on green 11" pro troll and atommik hammer fly. We were able to release her safely. She came on a Rigger 137' down over 160.

    Tuesday morning

    Went out to 250' FOW marked tons of bait and streakers. We landed brown on a DW wonder bread and fly down 70'. Also got a 16lb king on blue DW spinny with white fly. Into the smoker she went

    Wednesday morning

    Headed out to the 500' on a tip from Jason. We landed 4 fish.

    Small Atlantic on green on green 300' on steel

    16 lbs king on same set up in same area.

    26lbs king on black DW and green fly down 174 on rigger

    9lbs steelie on same combo at 137' down over 479' FOW

    Now the storm is here we might need to start over again in the am.

    Thanks to everyone who are making this trip fun for us.

    Here are some photos. post-154638-14085768829419_thumb.jpgpost-154638-1408576899442_thumb.jpgpost-154638-1408576933637_thumb.jpgpost-154638-14085769540212_thumb.jpg

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  9. Jack,

    Thanks I appreciate the update on the lake. Were going to be in the same area, hopefully the weather pattern changes the fish pattern. Ouch on the gas price, I might just fill up here in NH then at 3.43$ / gallon it could get real expensive at the marina for 125 gallons.

    Look forward to spending time on your pond with my son and dad

    I'll keep the radios on scan to pick up any information that will help us out.

    If anyone's out on Sunday thru Saturday give me a shout. I'll do the same if I recognize the boat name


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  10. When I installed my X4D I wanted to test it as well so I dropped in a 5 gallon pal attached to my rigger cable. Worked like a champ. Even gave water temp and depth as instructed.

    Like others have posted it needs to completely submerged in order to work


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