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  1. I had custom gimbals made for my Eastern, since we we have a curved transom on the boat we mounted 2x10 oak boards then mounted the track to that. I have 9 swivel rod holders mounted along the gunwale and stern so this was my only option to run tracks. Works awesome, no rocking or bouncing of any kind even with the rough Atlantic Ocean.

    Personally I would mount a board between the gimbal brackets then mount the track to that for added strength and support.

    Good Luck


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  2. Good Afternoon Fellow anglers, I have a friend looking for 13lbs torpedo downrigger weights. I bought mine years ago while I was in Port Ontario at Woodys. Now I can't seem to find them anywhere, I tried Atommik and All Seasons but neither one have any. Could someone point us in the right direction.

    Thanks again


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  3. I'm Selling a Penn 130 single speed Reel with 200 yards of 150 lbs test Mono and 1000 yards of 200 lbs test Hollow Core backing.  Reel is mounted on 5'6" Penn 130 class rod with Aftco Bent Butt, Rod also has rollers for those big offshore tuna's.


    Asking 850$ without shipping


    PM for more Details



    KJ Louise









  4. Tuf-line microlead. Small diameter takes up less space on the reel.

    I've been using this line since the beginning of the year, I absolutely love it for NH lakes. I use mooching reels for it oppose to level winds. This season I've even spliced a couple colors on a downrigger rod to save the hardware of the rigger when chasing big lakers.


    KJ Louise

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  5. First of all a HUGE THANK YOU For ALL THE REPLIES.

    Also thanks to Sk8man, it's not that I don't want to spend the money for a new reel because I would in a heartbeat. But this will be my First time bringing up my own vessel to play on Ontario the week of August 16-24. We Chartered at trip last season with Capt Pat of Redline Charters and We had a blast. We also took notes, asked questions and just plan ole watched the process. Fishing the lake with our own boat will be new experience for us, if all goes well it may become a yearly event.

    I have Zero need to run copper on my home turf here in NH, riggers and Leadcore do just fine since our salmon only run about 25-40 FOW. So for this season were going just stick with inexpensive, maybe next season up our game.

    Most people on this site have given me the opportunity ask questions, buy used gear and just get general advice and for that I'm super grateful.

    This is what I'm bring with my for our fishing trip:

    27' Eastern with 225 Honda and 9.9 kicker. My boat is fully loaded with 4 riggers, 18' outriggers, X4d fish Hawks and Raymarine Multi screen plotter ff radar. Sorry auto pilot is broke...

    8-8.6' downrigger rods with 20lb Power Pro mono

    4-Wire Rods with Twilly Tips and Blood run 30lb wire with 25lb flouralcarbon leaders

    2-10' 27lb LeadCore micro lines on Mouching Reels (cuz that's what we use up here)

    Also in the tackle box I have 40 8"-11" flasher in various color patterns, meat rigs, and assortment of J-plugs and Michigan Stingers

    I'm still collecting Spin Doctors right now I only have 8. 3 Green 1 chrome, 1 glow, 2 bullfrogs and 1 wonder Bread.

    I've start to obtain flies from A-Tom-Mik both new and used mostly skirts only since I can build my own leaders much cheaper. I also have a few northern king flies and some squid flies from here on then ocean that may work.

    I'm still looking for SS Rod holders, since my plastic Cabelas ones won't work well. I do have a few Downeast that may work.

    Thanks again for all the help, if you see something missing that's essential on your boat please let me know.


    KJ Louise


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