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  1. Well oldschoolmate.... That great to hear yet ruined my day!  I set up at 6am in 300FOW, had a nice mark.  two rods fired by 7AM on a north troll, got out to 450.  Saw a few boats out deeper, but screen was dry, trolled back to 300 and out again.  two more his in the next two hours then nota after 9AM.  Felt I should have went anywhere but where I went!
    What were you catching and on what if you dont mind sharing?

    3 on meat rigs down 120 and 2 on the wire at 240 on Two Face Spin Dr with a silver and white glow fly. I planed on heading out deep but something on my way out of the channel of the bay told me to start in 120 and work out a little bit. 160-180 was the best. All kings 18-24 lbs.

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