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  1. I have a Lowrance HDs 12 Gen 2. I've been running it for a couple of years and was unaware of any problems I had a gentleman on the boat he said you need to adjust that transducer. So question number one when I start the motor and stay under 7 miles an hour it reads okay. Anything above that transducer is not reading. I have adjusted it several times and just can't get it any better. Question 2 does the leaves from the fish finder connect to a separate battery. Is there a filter I can put in between. Any help would be great.


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  2. Hey pap with the Sam's pro release on the side it seems not to get tangled as much and when you give it a slight yank it releases all the time which is really nice. We have tried lots of different styles and this is what we have come up with that works the best for us we did put an extra pin in the release that comes off the tail so we never lose a board. It's just like releasing a Dipsy just a small tug and she releases.

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  3. I am selling a Shimano st. Croix Rod combo which is a Calcutta 251 on a st. Croix 7 foot medium power fast action $125.1519517246059.jpeg

    Next I am St.Croix Rod combo the real is a bantam curado cu-201 on a Legend series St Croix rod 6 ft $100 medium1519517430597.jpeg any questions text me at 716-807-5535 Ransomville New York. Guys I'd rather not ship these. Shipping costs are just crazy if you don't ship that much like me. Thanks


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    I have for sale to Big Jon downriggers. These were my first downriggers 2 years ago and still work 100% they do have Auto Stop but I do not have the rubber beads on the cable I tried and could not get them to hit the button. These are three and a half foot booms. They do come with a swivel base. If you have any questions you can call or text me 716-807-5535 I prefer not to ship these but if it comes down to it I will.20180216_082711_001.jpg20180216_082803.jpg20180216_083045.jpg20180216_082724.jpg20180216_082904.jpg20180216_082740.jpg


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