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  1. I have a Lowrance touch 12 generation 2 with a sonar hub. Last year I bought a 50 200 HDI transducer. I was recently told that I should have gone with an 83 200 HDI. Bottom line is the HDI allows me to do down imaging. Was wondering is there any opinions on what would be the right transducer for me. I fish Lake Ontario Lake Erie Niagara River. We never fish more than 150 feet down. Even if there's a better transducer that would be great to hear about. Thanks for any help

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  2. Is the any advantage of braid over wire? I have 2 wire rods and love them. Im thinking of getting 2 braid rods set up and run slide divers on them. Any suggestions Thanks

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  3. At first I was madder than a Hornet but I probably shouldn't have put it by the garbage that day. I thought he would have used his head a little bit knowing I'm a big time fisherman and what would I throw it out for. If he didn't throw it out any left it sit there and I meant to throw it out I would have yelled at him.

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