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  1. I had a prowler. I think anyway, it was an ocean kayak. Great kayak. I sold it only to get a smaller one that would fit inside my camper. I now ha e 2 dagger sit ins (but I can't fit in too fat) and an emotion 10' sit on top. Did t notice much difference between the 13' and the 10' except for weight. The 13' might been a little faster but not enough to notice really. Get a quality paddle. Don't skimp out in that part.

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  2. Sit on top kayak. Smooth paddling, faster than a canoe and easier to paddle. I have an older one and did a lot of bass fishing from it. Had a blast. Some of the new ones are all tricked out. They have peddles like a bicycle, are all rigged out to fish. Pretty cool but they're kinda heavy. Anyway I'd def get a kayak over a canoe, but get what you'll enjoy and gets you on the water

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  3. Line of credit on the house or any investments you might have. No mortgage means minimal closing costs. All you'd have is $500 for the attorney and 1% transfer tax. Easy peasy.


    If you haven't found a place yet, my camps for sale on the classified page here on LOU. It's a Nice place, water front as well.



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