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  1. I don't think maybe people on here fish for them. I like to target them in my tin boat when I'm solo. Caught a few decent ones and some small ones in the marsh out front of my camp. One of the big ones this spring had a nasty looking wound on it. Same for 2 I got last year. Dunno what it is but it looked the same on all 3 fish. Looked like a lamprey mark at first glance but bigger and nastier. Looked it up online and only found something about a parasite they can get. Didn't understand the specifics but it looked like what google showed. Hope it's not a big deal.



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  2. I had a 175 Angler for about 4 years with a 150 yamaha. Loved it. Fished for all species very well except for trolling. It was just too small for that and I didn't feel comfortable out in the lake in anything more than 2'. In reality the boat handled it, but I was at hull speed on those nasty days and I was soaked. I upgraded to a larger glass boat, but I really miss that G3. It was great for protected waters. I bought mine to fish mainly in the Upper Chesapeake until I bought a camp on Lake O. It fished for stripers, catfish, bass, pike, perch, salmon, browns, walleye....you name it. Had it to more lakes and bays than I remember, fresh and salt. It wasn't the best trolling boat due to space, but I hate trolling so I'm jaded anyway. 3 guys was the max trolling. Just too much crap in the way for that size boat. 


    Couple things I didn't like were minor, but they bugged me. The rod locker in the floor was sort of weak. I'm a big dude, but it still was squishy if I stepped on it. The wiring was very poorly done, under the helm was a real mess. It also had cable steering vs hydraulic. Few other minor things like cheap plastic latches and that sort of thing. Mine also had full carpet which I hated. It had a bimini top that I had to take off for fishing, but if the boat was bigger it could have worked. The hull and motor were top notch. Never had any leaky rivets and the 150 yamaha has been the best motor I've ever run. I read they make closer to 165 or 170hp. Boringly reliable and got amazing fuel burn numbers. cheap and easy to maintain, $125/year for oil change, lower unit and fuel filters and that was it. I'd run mine at 3500rpm and get about 34 mph. topped out at just shy of 50mph with a light load on calm water. 


    My favorite thing about that boat was that I trusted it to run as far as the gas tank would take me. I never had concerns running across the Chesapeake or out to Galloo Island if the weather was good. I never felt that it would break down and leave me stranded, which it didn't. Overall I liked it and in the future I have plans to buy a 18cc jon from G3, I love those little boats. The prices are good and they're owned by Yamaha. Pretty much everything Yamaha does is good in my opinion.  It'd be a good general fishing platform and cheap and easy to run and maintain. It's not a "big water" boat though. I missed a lot of fishing days my first year at camp because the boat was just too small and light. It would made it out and back I'm sure, but I woulda got too beat up doing it. If I didn't make a change from mainly casting for bass and bottom fishing for catfish to fishing Lake O, I'd still own that boat. I sold it to a girl that lives near me and I agreed to help her service it once a year until she was able to do it herself. I just did that the other week actually and I shed a tear seeing it again lol. 

  3. Launched at sackets this morning after a late start. Boat trailer sunk into the driveway at camp due to all the ground water. That sucked. But anyway, they closed the launch while I was out fishing. So BOTH sackets launches are closed as of today. It was pretty dicey using that ramp with the current conditions anyway.

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  4. If you really have a thing for catching brookies, Potter County in PA is the best place I know of. They have an extensive wild brook trout fishery all through the mountains. They're tiny little things, 6-8". 2lb line on an ultra light with a small spinner or rapala CD1 works well. It's pretty fun. Most of the streams are artificial only, catch and release. Make sure you check the regs really well.

  5. On 4/27/2017 at 5:12 PM, guffins fisherman said:

    I know NYSDEC has been doing a lot of work with the sturgeon population in the lake. I believe BRB and the river are a big spawning ground for them, which would explain the nets in the spring of the year.

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    Didn't know this. Two summers ago there was a big sturgeon washed up dead on the sandbar. Been there for awhile when I saw it, it was nasty. That's cool to hear though. Hopefully they'll make a comeback.

  6. I was up this weekend. Waters crazy high. Only put 3 dock sections in this, usually i put in 5. My dock was 1/2 under water when I left yesterday morning and a neighbors entire wooden dock floated by my camp. Water was rolling over Black River dam sunday morning. The water was fluctuating up and down very quickly sunday morning. 6" up and down every 15 minutes or so and probably rose about 24-30" overnight. I like the high water, but it's a tad too high right now even up in Dexter Marsh where my camps at. Hope it drops about 8". 


    I fished for lakers on saturday out of Stoney and there wasn't too much trash floating. A few large sticks herer and there, but nothing too bad. I didn't go into BRB or any other bay areas, prob. is much worse around the shoreline. Lots of rickity docks are getting tore loose. 

  7. Sackets has a hotel called Ontario Place and 2 nice ramps. I stayed at that hotel once when I came up to look at the camp I bought. It's a little farther run than leaving from Henderson. You could also launch at Stoney Pt to save some time. My place is up the bay from Sackets and we love it, very nice area. Decent bars to eat and drink at. The Barracks has a good place to eat also. There's a lot of cottages around that get rented out weekly as well. I know that "greenboatluke" on here is thinking about renting his cottage out this season.Navy Point Marina in sackets has weekly slips for rent I think as well, so does the "Barracks". You could probably just tie up to the wall at the launch for free as well without any problem but I don't know for sure. It doesn't get too busy. I'd try to avoid Henchen's Marina. They're not helpful unless you're a charter. They pretty much don't help you at all with information or even bait/tackle. Be better to stop at Woody's or All seasons on your way up to get what you need. The only way I'd go back to Henchens is in a pinch if I need gas for some reason.

  8. So just because you only have 1 or 2 days a week to fish means you shouldn't help somebody out for a half hour? I have less time than that but if somebody broke down nearby I'd stop fishing to at least do what I could for the guy. You guys act like fishing is the most important thing in the world. You can have your opinion and I'll keep mine. Only difference is people like me will actually show up to lend a hand instead of badmouthing him on the interwebz or the radio. What's your boats name btw?


    This board has really gone downhill in the last couple years as has the ethics of the "sportsman" on the lake. Every man for himself I suppose.

  9. I forget which town it was, but a high school aged kid was there renting zebco combos for $10 fully equipped with one spoon. I didn't partake, but I walked around helping out some little kids casting from the beach. It was a blast, they were hooking cohos left and right. I'm pretty sure it was icy straight point but I could be wrong. It was a blast either way.

  10. I did that for my honeymoon. We fished on a charter out of Seward. We went 2 days early and fished before the cruise left. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Seward has lots of charters but if you can get there, homer supposedly has better halibut fishing. Seward was fine too but they were smaller fish. We still caught a 5 man limit on halibut very easily. Also caught ling cod, seabass, yellow eye (some type of snapper I think) and coho. Absolute best fishing trip ever. We were in resurrection bay.

    Fwiw, I'd try to stay away from the cruise excursion trips. They're overpriced and limited on time. We payed $250/person for a 14 hour trip out of Seward. I'll try to find the guys name if he's still fishing out of Seward. I couldn't afford the shipping for the meat back home but my cousin kept it all, he lives there. We had a few hundred lbs of fish. There was a place right at the dock called "J Dock fishing company". They'll wrap, freeze and ship your fish home for you but it wasn't cheap. I think maybe $200/50lbs or something like that. Whatever it was I couldn't afford it back then unfortunately

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