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  1. I have a set of trees that I use on my new to me boat. Very good craftsmanship. I have a 6' dual reel trolling mast for sale in the classifieds. Had it on my last boat and the buyer didnt need it. Literally used it 4 times. Includes the standard 5" mounting base. PM me if that's what you're looking for I'd like to get rid of it.

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  2. I have a 70lb min Kota power drive for sale. Think it's 2 seasons old, I did t use it much. Sold the boat and the buyer didn't want it. I also have a new lowrance spotlightScan that gives a 360 view or something like that. That's still in the box I never installed it. Had a transducer mount as well. I'll also include a 2 bank on board charger. PM me if you're interested.

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  3. Fished the trench Saturday from 4am-2pm. Marked a pile of fish early before sunrise then had a hellacious tangle. Lost about 100' off a 300 copper right as the boat traffic was picking up. Probably a combination of the current and the pile of weeds I had in the tangle. Sunday launched out of Stoney and set up in 80'. Marked a few here and there but not much. My buddies kid got a king to the boat and I knocked it off with a poor net job. That's all we had all day Sunday from 630-2 ish. Traffic wasn't too bad in front of the dunes, nice day too just no fish. I was on channel 06 and only heard a few guys saying they caught anything. One neighbor got 2 kings, another neighbor had one King and a coho. This seasons shaping out to be another total failure for me just like last year.

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  4. Mooseknuckle - Nice boat. What size and year is your Grady?

    It's an 09 Grady adventure. It's 20'-4". Small but feels bigger than it is. I really like it so far. Almost identical layout to a trophy 2002. Very dry ride even in that snot the other week. Whoever had it before me added the hardtop, it's not the original Grady hardtop it's some kinda aftermarket or custom job. Little funky looking but functional that's my only complaint.

  5. No that photo was from the sandbar off of the bouys in BRB. Water was rough that day so we came back and got drunk at the sandbar all day. I can get the boat to my dock, even with the water being low. it's just tricky and slow going.

    Had to post that one photo of the bloodbath. I'm a firm believer in bleeding fish for meat quality. Stupid laker went nuts flopping around when I cut its gills and made a hell of a mess. It's life changing not having carpet in a boat and having a washdown hose. I decided to bleed them in the fish box from now on after that mess lol.

  6. I only ended up with a skippy on weds and 9 lakers Thursday and Saturday. We were doubled on lakers at one point then had another on right after. Ran out Friday but it sucked. We went in right behind Fleettracker. 9mph till we hit association island then could get on plane. It was rough, one wave right after another. Glad we put the curtains up lol. It got rough heading in Saturday night too not as bad as Friday tho. I'm loving the new to me boat, way better than the last one!


  7. Fished yesterday with my neighbors kid on the new to me boat. Marked fished yesterday but nothing except for a skippy.

    Fished today with 5 of us on board from 5am till 11am. Same as yesterday except we went 5/7 on lakers. No kings unfortunately but had some action and everyone got a fish. Not a boat in sight first thing, by 7 we had some company. Lakers were all on riggers and one hit a 400 copper. Blue/silver spoons and a yellow cowbells with green spin n glo. Still working out a few minor kinks on the new boat but nothing major.


  8. I have a Coleman extreme or whatever it's called. Bought it at wallyworld years ago living in Georgia. I'd fill it with drinks and ice and it's keep ice 5+ days in the bed of the truck in the Savannah heat. Cooler had to be packed as full as possible to last that long. I still have it but don't use it for fishing

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