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  1. Launched at 6am and pulled out at 2:30pm. Ran right out to 200fow, set up and trolled North.  Had a blank screen for nearly 4 hours.  At 11am we were back in 250fow when things picked up..  Between 250fow and 150fow we picked up a nice steelhead, 4 kings in the 10-15lb class , and a few dinks.  All on spoons down 70’ to 90’.  Water temp down 90 was 45deg.  

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  2. Have not fished the Oak since May of 2021 and discovered NEW and very NICE ramps at the public launch next to Black North Inn.  Launched at 5:30am. Fished 85fow out to 200fow for the first few hours.  There was a pretty stiff wind out of the SW.  About 9am the water calmed down nicely and we moved out into deeper water.  Our best water was 250’ out to 350’.  Down 65’ water temp was 49 deg. Caught 3 small kings, a decent coho (all down 65’) and had a great (short lived) battle with a steelhead that hit a jointed Rapala off the lead core.

    Ha!  How about this!  While trolling at 2mph we ran over a submerged log.  The log knocked my transducer out of position slightly.  Instantly I could see all 4 Downrigger lines on my Lowrance as clear as a bell!  Previously I could only see the lines sporadically.  I’m leaving the transducer in it’s new position!


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  3. Planer Board mast with mount, Not Aluminum but steel! $100 sold



    1 pair of WILLE Sea Skee Planer Boards   $65 for the pair. Sold



    1 Apelco VHF 5160 Radio works fine $75  Sold


    2 Shakespeare 8’ antennas. One with vertical mount, the other horizontal. $10 each.  Buy the radio and get the antenna free. Sold



    2 Penn Fathom Master 620 manual downriggers with swivel mounts, 4’ stainless steel booms.  $250 for the PAIR!!!!  Sold



    1 Eagle Z6100 fishfinder with head unit, mount, transducer, transducer mount, and manual,  works fine. $55. Sold



    2 Double rod holders.  $15 for the pair. Sold



    1 Happy Troller trolling plate   $50



    3 ten pound rigger weights and one 5 pound  Make offer. Sold



    1 Atwood swivel ease  Make offer. Sold



    1 vintage Penn No. 49 Deep sea reel and rod.  $95  SOLD



    3 misc mounts   FREE!!




    Don’t like my listed price??  Make me an offer!!  The worst that can happen is I may say no!!



    I am located near Troy PA but I do travel quite a bit and may be able to deliver near you.



    Interested????  No need to go back and forth with postings. If you see something you might want Send me a PM with a phone number and I will call you ASAP.
















  4. Well I had to bite the bullet, get in my car, and drive 2.5 hours up to Sodus to check out the ramps since no one seemed to know the status of ice.

    Good news, Bad news.

    As of noon on 3/19/22 the launch next to Arnies was NOT usable.  A large chunk of ice blocks the ramp.  At first I thought the ice could be pushed away but it is frozen around the poles holding up the dock. See picture.

    There is also a sheet of ice about 500 yards out in to the bay.  I am not sure if you could get around it.



    The launch next to the Coast Guard Station is in good shape and clear of ice. See picture.


    Much better than last year when the water was too low to use the ramp next to Arnies and the ramp next to the Coast Guard Station was blocked with construction equipment.




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    launched out of Treman this morning.  No ice and plenty of water for my fishmaster196

    Parking is a little scarce due to the many boats in dry dock.


    Water temp hovered around 37.5. Water was muddy in canal but clear on the lake. Picked up 14 LL, all were small, biggest was 14”.  Great day on the water.


    Tried to get a laker but just could not get them to bite.  They did a lot of looking but no takers.


    now I need to find out the status of the public launch On Sodus (across from Margaretta Rd, next to Arnies Marina.  Or maybe the launch next to the Coast Guard station.

  6. Thanks for the info. The current lake level is 381.7ft.  I have been able to launch my fishmaster 196 at Treman when the lake level was 379ft.  
    Hopefully no large build up of silt at the ramps.

    Tomorrow looks like a great day to be on the water.

    Thanks again

  7. Thanks guys for all the suggestions. I ran a wire up into the Pee hole and it seemed OK. 
    not being satisfied I pulled the hose off and blew through it, all seemed OK

    still not satisfied I blew compressed air into the pee hole. Compressed air flowed freely out of the water inlet on the lower unit. 

    so, I have the water pump ordered and I think I will follow real docs advice and post a note in the this old boat section. 
    many thanks for the responses. 

  8. The ramp at Taughannock was in good shape on 2/21.  Most of the snow and ice is gone and plenty of parking.  The lakers were hungry but never did come in contact with any LL nor Browns.  After leaving the ramp we trolled south along the west shore in 100 fow.  Most fish came from the 70’ Downrigger’s.

    First trip in 2022 and my Yamaha 9.9 kicker wouldn’t pee.  Got home, pulled the thermostat and it opened just fine in boiling water.  Left the thermostat out and fired up engine with ear muffs on.  Still did not pee.

    Ordered a water pump kit.

    Never had to replace an outboard’s water pump.  Videos on YouTube make it look straight forward although I never found a video for a 9.9.

    Any advice/precautions for me would be appreciated.


  9. Finally took the plunge and spent 2 days fishing walleye on Lake Erie, Irving NY area.  First time for us.  The walleye were there and fairly easy to catch. At 6:45am I counted 37 boats within my view in the 60-70 fow area, and this was on a Wednesday!

    crawler harnesses and purple spoons worked for us.  Never had a hit on any of my sticks.

    Lake Erie gets rough QUICKLY.  Very nasty west wind.

    We jig for walleye on the Susquehanna.  I think I prefer jigging.

    Number 1 problem was they hit very lightly.  On Wednesday we boated about 20 fish before getting blown off the lake. ALL 20 fish were reeled in ( and discovered on the line) while checking the lines,,,,, never once saw a rod move.  Maybe lighter cannon balls would work better?  Tried barely pinching the line in my Scotty releases but that just caused many false releases.

    I like it better when a king hits and the drag screams and everybody runs around on the boat.

    Nice big fat walleyes!  Very easy to see them on the screen on the bottom (look like lakers).

    Don’t get me wrong,,, had a great time and caught some nice fish.

  10. First: The Launch next to Arney’s Marine.

    I launched and retrieved my Fishmaster 196 without much difficulty. Water is deep enough at the ramp.  Biggest issue is that the dock is so high, you have to step way down into your boat and step way up (climb) out of your boat.  Otherwise not a problem.


    First fish (king) was at 7:30am, guessing around 10lb, 250fow down 90’ with a green with black ladderback R&R spoon.

    lost another in 300 fow. About 30 minutes later.

    Nothing for the rest of the day.  Pulled out at 1pm.

    very few marks and few bait pods on screen.


    Down 90’ it was 49deg in 300fow.

  11. This tractor is priced to sell!!


    This tractor is located near Mainesburg PA.


    2011 Kubota L3940GST with an LA724 Front End Loader, and a Land Pride RB2684 Hydraulic powered back blade.

    Also included is a set of chains (NEW, Never Used).



    1000 hours on the tractor but will change as it is still being used.

    Almost new front tires have less than 20 hours on them.

    This tractor is 4 Wheel Drive

    Always maintained by a local Kubota Dealer

    Kubota 2.0L 4 cylinder diesel 39 hp engine

    12 speed transmission



    Everything works as it should on this tractor.


    This tractor is in great shape.


    If interested send me a PM and I will reply with cell number.


    This tractor is priced to sell at $19,750 OBO!




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