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  1. support the local tqackle shops. they are the foundation of the industry. slippery sinker in olcott is a very good tackle shop and resource. nice hard working people and they are there when you come off the the lake looking for the spinny or spoon that you 'killed em on '!!I have been fishing olcott for 10 years or more and let me tell you, they need your support.Keep the sport growing because in all honesty ,it is dying and it is sad to see because the next generation will miss out big time. sorry for the downer.........just sayin!!!

  2. Out of the Niagara river head n ne past the green can and out about 4 miles. Look for a red can (buoy) and go past that til you see the water drop from 40 ft. right down to 200ft and more.troll west to east keeping an eye on the depths(it comes up quick). mark your fishfinder with waypoints of the dropoff till you get comfortable.Afew east west, west east passes and you will get a good idea of where to be.The bar can be very good at times but does have its own challenges. It can be mossy and grassy at times if the river is "molting", but can be worth the effort. My biggest kings have come off the bar in mid july.Good luck!

  3. Headed up this weekend. Anything hapening at the bar?

    Fished it sunday afternoon......just a few skippies,no bait and floating moss and grass.Did much better a little east of olcott.Very little bait in the whole area,but if you put your time in, big kings are around. 275-400. flasher with twinkie cut bait  was good for us on the wire out 200-250 on a 1.5 settting.Ran spoons and ff off the riggers. Spoon bite was almost non existant except for a  11lb atlantic beauty.!! They sure are pretty! All other hits except one were on the dipsies.Bigger kings were in the deeper water with many 2 year olds in the 150-250 range.This was before the west winds the last couple of days.Good luck.

  4. How has 30 lb blood run sea flea been working

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    Worked great before the fleas became super thick. I had both sea flee and 30# fleaflicker down at the same time and the sea flee was keeping them off better than the fleaflicker,but as of wednesday,neither worked.They blossomed with the hot stagnant weather.I'm thinking a good  upwelling will do the trick, but prolly turn off the bite for awhile.

  5. I'm sure glad I got a bulk spool of 20# flea flicker when they made it. I get ZERO fleas.


    Fished fro sat-wed out of olcott and the the fleas got worse each day.Wednesday was terrible as the clung heavy to 30# fleaflicker,30# blood run see fllea and wire.If i were fishing this weekend.......50# mono for sure. Its the worst I have seen in years.

  6. I ALWAYS wear a floatation device.ALWAYS!! Also have 3 radios,cell phone with emergency #s keyed in,personal epirb and tether to kill switch.Been scared too many times to count.Safety is obviously my #1 concern.I fish out of a 17 ft lund and want to see my kids grow old.Oh, and be diligent about checking the weather maps.

  7. Yes there are browns ON the bar.  The challenge of the bar is there is it is such a large area to cover.  Trolling shoreline contours you can identify a depth where fish are and just stitch a trolling line parallel to the shore to stay in the hot zone.  Browns can be anywhere on the bar from 30' out to the drop at 90'.  The nice thing about your home Niagara water is that if you want kings, there are ALWAYS kings on the drop. At certain times of year the area may be swarming with little shaker kings but there are always fish on that piece of structure.  Larger Kings make early evening movements from deeper water to the drop-off to feed each night. Out past 250' you will get into a steelhead bite.  Living in Lewiston you are close to one of the greatest stretch of water in the world.....the Niagara Bar.  My suggestions is to save on gas money and spend the majority of time learning your home water.

    x2.....The drop and beyond the bar is my favorite place to fish.It is a feast or famine kind of place,but when its hot.......its RED HOT.My 2 biggest kings in over 25 years of fishing have come from the deep waters off the bar.Nice launch at Fort Niagara too.

  8. Try Buggsspray. I would not leave home without it. Works great. I have no affiliation with them. Someone from here turned me on to it

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    X2.....buggspray works!order online.
  9. I have a 17ft. lund and have been fishing deep for kings for many years. Be a good weather watcher. When I see high pressure settling in over the lake,I am on it like a hornet.Make sure all your safety equiptment is ready to go and have at it.For extra comfort, I invested in an epirb type personal locator.Just makes me feel better.Nothin better than hooking kings and steel out deep on a 90 degree day.

  10. It should start to get stabilized by then.Still  a ways off so anything can happen. I check the winds daily as that has a big effect on water temps and thermoclines. I had a trip planned a few weeks ago and cancelled due to a big east blow the day before.Turns out it was the right call cuz the fishing turned off right after for a week or so.My best trips have been mid July usually around pirate weekend in olcott.Arrrrggggg!......pray for stable winds the week before. Good luck and b safe

  11. so....what is a steelhead set-up? Thanks in advance.

    [/ uote]top water stealthy presentations.planer boards with bright orange or red spoons or stickbaits. slide divers or shallow directional divers. longer lines and looking for temp breaks usually between 250-500ft.fish scum lines if you see them. black and silver spoons can be deadly also. out deep you have plenty of room to spread things out which will help cover more surface area.I like hot bright sunny calm days. many times you can see them rising to the surface sucking down flies.very cool!Hope that helps

  12. Good time to remind all of us to check the drag on our downriggers.Could be catastrophic if they are dialed too tight.I remember reading this happening to a guy and it pulled the the stern down below water level in a matter of seconds.

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