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  1. I think over 6 pounds, no scale. Doesn't matter though. Back it went. Got larger fish in my own ponds. lol Multi species area.
  2. Yup. Still big brook trout in there.
  3. Yeah, I would have thought there are large brookies in that area although it is a multi species lake. They are almost exclusively Temiscemie Hybrids in there too, live quite long and get big.
  4. Not sure your question here? Paddles? as in actual paddle? or place to go? Also as of tomorrow, brook trout specific fishing is done til Spring, they are spawning.
  5. Raquette , Limekiln, and others
  6. I don't normally go when there is too much snow on the ground since I haul my canoe on wheels and not one of the circus members who stash canoes. Most good ponds you can't fish til April 1st anyways, and never know what its going to do with respect to ICE. I just ask the Region's biologists what he knows about ice out. A lot of them are also closed in a couple weeks ( Mid OCtober ) due to spawning. Don't ask what ponds are open for ice fishing, there are SOME I believe. I have not ice fished in a few years and it was in Hamilton County, a good hike. I would pick ponds that have 'relative" short hikes. The Sargents have been good, fair fish. Spruce has good fish. If you have a super light and pack it ( rather than wheels) , go for it.
  7. I THINK, going off memory here, that Long Pond also contains NYS brood stock of brook trout. HUge ones in there I think.
  8. Not in those waters. Long Pond, in the St. Regis area there are all the species you mention I believe.
  9. Always have mostly fished for browns soon as ice is out in shallower water. Then later on, however . But question is specifically for Fall browns prior to spawning. Since Browns spawn in October-November, and looking to get into select streams/rivers can trolling be effective on the lake during this time? Never done before. Same patterns? speeds? Will they take spoons? We would go out of Stoney. I believe they MAY spawn up Stoney but not certain. Or we'd find a nice contour marking fish and hope to get them cruising to SR or wherever. Any insight is helpful. Thanks.
  10. I've hunted large brookies my entire life. Lots of places now days only a shorter ish hike. I like 5 ponds North of the Stillwater REs. Many 5 pound Brookies up there. Past few years Lower Sargent has produced large fish, Spruce has big ones. I believe the State Record Brook trout came out of Spruce, not Silver Lake. Rainbows all over the place throughout. Just search the DEC stocking list. Lake Trout, Lake George but motor traffic in there. Tons of nice brookies all over the St. Regis Canoe area. Brooks spawn in October though, I've never really fished for them at that time. Might want to check the reg's on that. A lot may be closed to fishing.
  11. Odd, I WAS on my PC and nothing. Strange. Maybe a setting or something. IDK.
  12. Yup, Its Mike Fumano. Fish On motel right in town. He's been helpful when I meet up with him around town.
  13. I believe the BSO fleet has been in there most of the Year check out all their videos and photos on their website or Facebook
  14. Anything happening in the 100 to 1:30 contour North up to the trench and back?
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