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  1. Okie dokie, thanks Mr580
  2. I'm new to this but anyone ever use just a fly and dipsy, with no flasher? Is it effective or no way? We have a small boat and in 35 FOW right now, thinking about calling it quits soon here as the temperature was 57 degrees at 25 ft. off Lakeview area. But I tried this with about a 8 ft. leader off a dipsy ( @ 30 ft. ). is that leader not long enough or is a flasher always needed? I also was wondering a fly off a smaller Walker TripZ diver off a board which we landed a nice Steelie and Brown the other day. ( 20 fow ) but the temp was around 54 degrees that day. ( spoons though ) Thanks.
  3. In our little 'row boat' we had some luck last night North of SR, 30FOW. Off boards with the TripZ divers. Black edge glow and black tux glow. At least we werent skunked again. lol
  4. I'm new to this, never tried it. We want to run one color of leadcore off boards on the rear boards 110 ft back. Do we run mono , then spliced in 30 ft of lead core followed by a leader? Running full leadcore the entire way is gonna hit bottom for sure right? in 10fow. Just want to try something different see how it goes compared to split shot weighted rods.
  5. Funny. We had a Gin and tonic out as well, the fish took the Sexy Shad. lol
  6. Ah Hah. I was thinking SS was made by DW, my bad. I"ll look it up now. Thanks
  7. Still available? I have been searching.
  8. Just ever so slowly starting to pick up a bit in the Lakeview area. My old neighbor and I have rigged up his dads old very tiny little boat with 6 boards. Can barely fit the two of us. Got this one last night, not a monster but its SOMETHING. lol I had posted in another thread about the spoon which has taken two Browns so far, I can't ID the name of it. Thanks. Admin I am sorry if you need to delete the spoon here? or leave it on the other thread.
  9. So with a slow start for us and browns, two fish were taken on this spoon. So I may think its one of my go-to's now. lol I think its a Dreamweaver SS spoon and I thought someone at one point at Fat Nancy's in Pulaski had told me it was discontinued. Anyone know what the name of it is? I can look later and see if indeed it says SS on the nose of it but I think it does. Or i'll try and copy it but I don't have great luck with DIY for me. THanks. The spoon produced our biggest fish so far this year at 12#. Not a monster but nice fish. We are just two guys and a tiny little boat and 6 boards.
  10. All Seasons Sports in Pulaski.
  11. To me they look " home made " or ( added the tape to existing spoon ). I do this all the time in the ADK back country brook trout ponds.
  12. So they did NOT spawn? They are thin for sure then, to have had eggs in them.
  13. They both appear to be females can't quite tell from photo but they apparently spawned from the looks of them. Nice.
  14. The kid looks a little young to handle that rifle. You sure this isn't grandpa's 50th deer? lol. Nice one. A NYS deer?
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