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  1. I did not switch subject to braid, people just started taking over the post. LOL NO big deal. I have decided to keep at the wire. Related..... in a pinch can twili tips be used with mono ? or will it "melt' the line? or whatever?
  2. Thanks guys. I think I have a good grasp on the dipsy set up and such, it was the early browns I was referring to sorry. About the swivel set up. I see Bill Saiff using just a snap on the spoons with his swivel up at the mono/flouro where that meets. I was doing that but just figured try a snap WITH the swivel already attached on the business end and then my mono to flouro will be tied. Do people think the browns or anything else would SEE the swivel with snap ( with the extra noise too maybe? IDK ) We are not using divers at that time except out in 25 fow I had luck with TripZ divers and a couple mini divers. Set at 20 ft or whatever at the time. We also used weighted lines with 1oz or whatever, depends where we were. But does it really matter if I use just a small snap ( no swivel) at the spoon and put my swivel up 10 ft or whatever VS ( simpler to me ) tie the mono/flouro and put small lightweight 30# swivel/snap at the business end? For early browns this is. Not out in 'open water' out further. I have all my dipsies and flashers set up like the photo above. Sk8man thanks for the info on 'wheres my diver' . lol Appreciate all that.
  3. Thanks for all this stuff guys. And rather than post this next question in another thread I'll ask here while I seem to have a lot of guys here. LOL Charts are based on Mono, how far 'off" is wire or just follow the chart and call it good? Or let a little bit less out? I was wondering exactly where my divers where when I had over 200 ft. out and I was using charts based on mono is what they all say. Rule of thumb? for wire Thanks. And this doesn't belong here but swivels. Should I put a swivel/snap on the end right on the bait end? Or I had SPRO swivels size 8 where mono was, then at the bait end was just a snap. Does this make any difference in presentation? ( especially early browns ) ?? with spoons. Or can I just tie my mono to the leader then at the very end a swivel with the snap? Any thing adventageous to either method? or not so advantageous?
  4. I will STILL try the slide divers just because I like a challenge and always like finding new things and new methods. However, it probably won't be while we are fishing. Just take the boat out to 30fow or whatever and experiment. I appreciate all the different things here all related, everything is related somehow. like in Nature. Thanks all.
  5. When the browns were in say 30fow we had good luck with the mini divers and tripZ divers. They did pretty well off boards believe it or not. IDK about slide divers yet. lol Gotta get the whole wire thing down first after we head out deeper. Thanks all
  6. Was mentioned, but thanks for posting. I will do this next time out. All I did was, well, we have a 300 ft driveway so I hooked it on the garage and went out and down the road then reeled in about 400 ft of it at tension. LOL
  7. 700 ft? lol. I think I'm sticking with wire after all this. LOL Thanks guys.
  8. I was wondering about cutting the kinks and re 'tying'. Use shrink wrap? You think the kinks are usually from line twisting or not enough tension when originally spooled? So far, I've used wire maybe 6 trips. Not TOO much problems, but more to learn for sure. Thanks all. Appreciated. Merry Xmas.
  9. I have been using wire and like it, but when it gets kinks and tangles I'm like WTF. I also never set it out to say 250 and reel it back in for a nice tight spool. Will do that this spring. I have 3 rods set up with wire and twili's. Thanks for the reply.
  10. So I am pretty new to trolling on the big lake ( 4 seasons consistently now ) and I have a question on using mono for my divers and with flashers off the diver. I want to try using straight mono rather than wire. And, yes, I know it will troll a little different and stretch in the mono. However, for those that do prefer mono, I keep seeing 20# on all the charts. I would think 30# mono might work better? or even 40? With flouro leads of course. Also, can mono be used on my old rods with twili tips? or should I carefully cut them off and re install new eye ends? Don't ask why I want to ditch my wire. LOL Thanks for any insight you all might have, love this site.
  11. So I have tuned most of my spoons with a little more 'S" curve to them and they seem to take more fish than another of the same size and color. Was wondering does anyone have more success ( or not noticeable ? ) with tuning a smithwick or stick bait ? Taking the closest set of hooks near the head OFF. Then adding aditional ring to that. Supposedly gets better action? Thoughts? Just reading some things from Ernie Lantiegne . Adding just one Sewash hook to a spoon , taking off the trebble. That's another thing I have not done yet. I mean all the major companies catch fish with NO tuning, right? SO why bother? He says it will take more large fish. IDK.
  12. So soon as ice is out, it really doesn't matter where you fish? I mean, find fish close to shore and its usually Browns or some steelies in April? They just come near shore soon as ice is out? Regardless ( more or less ) of water temps? Thanks.
  13. Question on early spring fishing mostly browns. I get in a little arguing match with my buddy every time this comes up. So, SOON as the ice is out and its safe for the most part of large ice chunks. I used to go out with an aquaintence and we caught some browns soon as we found 45-50 degree + - water. I mean we did not go out crazy far, but I wanna say 50 fow or whatever, IDK. That was a while ago. I now started fishing with my friend here out of SR/Sandy area. He says no need to go out then, gotta wait til they come into shore. I say no way. I mean soon as it warms up enough where bait can be found out further and the fish sort of leave the shores then yes I understand that. But what about BEFORE they get real close to shore? Why not go troll a little bit further out? or is it normally way too far out that time of year to find that warmer water? I would think they would be somewhat active even in 45F water temps. Would normally have to go way too far out on the Eastern Basin?
  14. Never too early for me to think about early browns or ice out brookies. I purchased a few mag lips for Salmon Fish'n this year but does anyone out there have favorite color choices for early browns? Or even stick baits. We have been doing pretty good on strictly spoons, but this spring I took a nice one on a mag lips 3" but I want to grab up a few different color schemes this Spring. Thanks.
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