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    Sled Dog Racing and tours, fishing.
    I don't own a boat any longer but go out often with a friend. Grew up fishing the Adirondacks and Lake George and Champlain targeting LT and Muskie.
    Now seeking Kings and Browns are my passion as well as Steelie are fun. Late Fall I pack it up in favor of my sled dog kennel.

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  1. lol. Tank has several dozen 3 to 4 pound fish yes. I tried messing with the sensitivity and also turning off pumps, water flow, etc. . I am now wondering if its just simply a POS. ? Maybe I'll try a better known one just to compare. IDK. Because I gotta know if the sucker works or its useless to me. I see a few other forums stating most inexpensive ones wont find fish but are good for the contour, etc. I don't know if I buy into that. I'm thinking the radius of the cone or whatever of the sonar is too large so its simply bouncing off the sides of tank? Seems odd though. Tanks are 4' X 8' diameter. The 500G tanks fish are probably too small and possibly to dense to differentiate.
  2. yes Legacy, thanks a bunch. Similar to what I use in ADK' back country brook trout ponds. That species seems to be attracted to the orange reds and yellows right after ice out. Not much wobbler and worms for me.
  3. This is a general question to anyone you has one or tried one or knows what may be wrong. I didn't know where to post. I just bought a wireless fish finder, mainly for back country brook trout fishing and checking my own ponds. SO, decided to put it in a large 1000 gallon tank that is only 4 feet tall water level anyways. Do you think such shallow depth is not allowing it to pick up fish. Can't get it to read anything but ( fairly accurate ) depth and water temps, but no fish. Its a $60 ebay special not sure where its made.
  4. Ok, few years ago I went out with a guy but have not in a while. I still have a bunch of trolling spoons and others and flashers. What are everybody's favorites for spoons and/or flys for early trolling? Will the browns and rainbows still take pretty much the same color? Just your first thoughts if you were to only have a half dozen lures and flys. Thanks. I'm more a back country Brook trout guy myself. LOL Thanks guys.
  5. Yes indeed. This is not what i'm doing here.
  6. OK. Not sure where to post this but someone on here must have raised their own trout. Did this back in the 80s and kick starting it again. Anyway, ordered my eyed eggs. Brookies and Rainbows. The rainbows started developing this nasty fungus about hatching time. Killed almost every one. Brookies not hatched yet. But a lot of the eggs have the fungus too. Not nearly as many with them however. Has anyone ever had that problem and what did you do to remedy or prevent it? All eggs are still in basket in a 250G tank. Plenty of oxygen, temp's, etc. I think I should have washed them in betadine when I first got them and I did not. Also at first notice, maybe the hydrogen peroxide treatment. I'm doing that now but its virtually too late I think. Just thinking about the brookies is all. Thanks.
  7. Hmm. Cool. Thanks for reply. I'm gonna keep using it and see what happens. Might even try it for early Browns before I get the boat out again.
  8. This might belong in the tributary section but it is a tackle thing so... here goes.. Anyone ever tried doing-up a mini version of a flasher-fly or flasher-spoon for casting? IF so did it work? My "new" old boat is still being restored, only had it out 3X this Summer so I'm fish'n from pier, tributaries,estuaries . Out there I really like the available colors and sizes for trolling spoons and fly's ( just started making my own fly's ) and I can't cast them soo....... SO I figured I would put a casting spoon ( no hooks ) as my flasher, followed by a foot of leader material then a regular trolling spoon. I can't cast this set-up as far as my casting spoons alone but its close. I also have a silver jig ( that I may or may not paint ) that is a lot more aero that I also tied the same set up to and it fly's out there 150' off the pier or shore. However it does not have nearly the same action as a flasher or even spoon but it does get me out there a ways. The main reason I tried this is because I really love my glow spoons and I dont' have luck with the cleo's and moonshine glows, nor can I cast them too far. I fish mostly in front of the grindstone where it is a very steady drop off to 10' fow. end of pier is only 5'.
  9. Anyone know if this is comparable to regular flouro line? Or is it BS or what? This photo is just an example after googling flourocarbon line. Also. Is flouro Coated any better than mono? Good as straight flouro ? Thanks http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/NTAwWDUwMA==/z/KLMAAOSwrklU4O-c/$_12.JPG
  10. Hounds

    Rhino spoons

    Fav colors.
  11. Hounds

    1980 OMC 3.0L

    Ok, thanks for clarifying.
  12. Hounds

    1980 OMC 3.0L

    Hmm, interesting. Thanks rlmps. It WAS in Salt water he said for 3 seasons. Before that in St.Lawrence seaway. Clayton. So I'll probably look at putting a mercruiser fully rebuilt engine and I should be good to go. ? THEN I'll sell it. LOL
  13. Hounds

    1980 OMC 3.0L

    Thanks. Never thought about "upgrade". I'll look into that. It does appear from searching that parts will or are becoming an issue to find. With the engine, I can have a couple options. I would choose the total rebuild top to bottom, over say just the block and pistons and rings OR rebuilding MY engine.
  14. I'm restoring a 20' Cobia with that engine. Also sending the engine out for full re-build/replacement/exchange. Anyone had/have experience with this old beast? The good, bad , ugly or indifferent. It was all set up for fishin off Chatham Bay, MA. Before my neighbor got ahold of it. I payed 300 including trailer which is in good shape. I don't think they took that sucker out in 6' waves or anything. LOL But I took it out twice on the Big O out to 150 maybe 1.5' footers at best is all I got to do before I decided to bring her back in then yank engine and do a total retore. its small and weighs 1900lbs. OMC 3.0L stern drive. NOt sure I'm fond of that ( no throttle if the drive int in full down mode ). It does tilt to trailer and launch though. What would be 'comfortable' for max waves in this little thing? I like the weight on it, seems perfect for just me and Two guys. Its fiberglass. No cracks other than "spyder cracks' on a couple spots of the gelcoat. Do I worry too much about those? Is there any home 'test' I can do besides pounding on it with rubber mallet all the way around. LOL. Seems real solid. Thanks
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