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  1. Finger lakes tribs are like fight club you don't talk about it. Your research seems to have you in the right direction as for shore fishing t fall is probably the best bet.
  2. I run like hell tie up to a dock if needed.
  3. You obviously have no idea what you're talking about pulling copper has nothing to do with trolling copper stick with your Canadian Waters bud
  4. Not necessary I've gotten Brown's and bass and even perch but 99% will be Laker's
  5. My bad didn't mean to post that. I don't fish over there but if it's anything like Cayuga I would start in close and move out if it's not working.
  6. You could but you will get gobies a lot more. I put it up about 12-18"
  7. And the worms from fast track in Ovid are the best bait.
  8. That's what is all about bud.
  9. I ran up to the north end I don't like to put my boat in up there because of all the other people and it's nice to have some beer and not be launching next to a police station LoL.
  10. Its that time of year again. My buddy did really good on canandaigua about a month ago
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