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  1. Ok day but mostly fish I wasn't targeting working the 20' range but still fun
  2. Cayuga 11-4 Going out this AM hopefully the full moon didn't mess up the fishing.
  3. Yes people still use them.
  4. Start Friday and loose Monday so people have a full day with family?
  5. I would have to say no because of all extra pressure that cauyga is seeing.As it is there is already 9 or 8 Derby/ tournaments 5of them only being 1 day event
  6. LoL guys. Started out in the dark about two miles south of Dean's trolled to kidders in 50-120 fow running all the usual stuff but could only manage small browns bows and LL we did have something nice on a 40' rigger over 80' with a black and purple spoon but it came off the 3 laker's we did get was from pulling copper in 80'
  7. Dark water report 10/15. It was very windy.
  8. very nice end of the year event and thank you gambler, naughtytroller, quality time, and the Duke. Sorry if I forgot anybody.
  9. Not that I know of it's how my boat is and most that I see I can show you my buddy 23' penyan Sunday it's set up like I'm talking. If you already have pullies in front I would just use them I just don't like the rope you can use a boat hook just put the reels low so you don't fall out of the in rough conditions.
  10. I wouldn't put them up like that. If you put the pulley on the back of the top and reels below them you won't need a rope and well be a lot easier to reel them in and out out
  11. Cayuga

    3 1/2 footers on top of each other