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  1. What day are you fishing
  2. Probably see you there kind of thinking about hitting Seneca but idk
  3. Deena's is good a few logs but you can get out.3 weeks ago the dock was under water
  4. Les i would really like to get you and my neighbor out this year with my dad but no rigs
  5. Lol look at all the upgrades the State did at Sampson. Sorry stoneman I had to
  6. Cayuga Good mix today couldn't get a brown but did manage a big bass
  7. Cayuga

    go fishing just keep it under 3.0
  8. Cayuga

    Nicely done.
  9. True but I can't pick it up anymore
  10. I have two 150s need a beer cooler.
  11. Cooler trade? I know this is not where I should post this but don't wanna drive to far. So I'm looking for Seneca county and Ithaca area. Used one time this winter and was cleaned basically brand new 150 quart Coleman. Would like to trade for a 80ish quart in good shape.
  12. Yup
  13. True story LoL
  14. Thanks guys. That dog don't hunt but she will fish good enough