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  1. Seneca dead fish

  2. It should be ok PM when you plan on going I probably can go have a look
  3. Probably need some waders and salt to put on the ramp after you pull your boat out so it doesn't ice up while you're on the the water is low but I can get my 21 foot Cuddy Cabin out
  4. Silvers?

    I was out two weeks ago lost a good one on a 4 color over 80 fow and got a tiny one on the rigger and had a few jumping around the boards but we wanted to pull copper so are speed was slow
  5. Cayuga 11-4

    Ok day but mostly fish I wasn't targeting working the 20' range but still fun
  6. Cayuga 11-4

    Cayuga 11-4 Going out this AM hopefully the full moon didn't mess up the fishing.
  7. Victrola fishing boxes

    Yes people still use them.
  8. No Red Cross Tournament This Year

    Start Friday and loose Monday so people have a full day with family?
  9. nltd fb group discuss adding cayuga

    I would have to say no because of all extra pressure that cauyga is seeing.As it is there is already 9 or 8 Derby/ tournaments 5of them only being 1 day event
  10. Dark water report 10/15.

    LoL guys. Started out in the dark about two miles south of Dean's trolled to kidders in 50-120 fow running all the usual stuff but could only manage small browns bows and LL we did have something nice on a 40' rigger over 80' with a black and purple spoon but it came off the 3 laker's we did get was from pulling copper in 80'
  11. Dark water report 10/15. It was very windy.
  12. Cayuga Lou All final results...

    very nice end of the year event and thank you gambler, naughtytroller, quality time, and the Duke. Sorry if I forgot anybody.