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  1. darkwater1

    Brown or LL salmon??

    It's definitely a brown fin tuna.
  2. darkwater1

    Cayuga Day late Xmas Gift from Cayuga

    As long as it's not frozen you will be able to get out there all year. If you want something other than Laker's I would go to T falls.
  3. darkwater1


    If you want Laker's in the cold months I would recommend fishing bottom
  4. Because they travel in school's.
  5. Do any of you guys know why fish are so smart?
  6. darkwater1

    Any perch on Seneca?

    Seems to me he was asking if any one was getting any and went fishing and found some and posted a picture.
  7. darkwater1

    Any perch on Seneca?

    LoL I understand but I guess you answered your question.
  8. darkwater1

    Any perch on Seneca?

    That's awesome was that yesterday?
  9. darkwater1

    Any perch on Seneca?

    The perch fishing on Seneca has been really tuff for the people I know over the last few years. It is that time of year again so I would just go try.
  10. darkwater1

    Any perch on Seneca?

    Get the popcorn.
  11. darkwater1

    Season on Cayuga

    Not sure how much your boats draft is but mine is about 12"
  12. darkwater1

    Season on Cayuga

    I put my 21' Crestliner in all winter just have to back out some times
  13. darkwater1

    Season on Cayuga

    As long as the ramps aren't frozen I fish all winter but they drop the lake so much it can be hard to get out
  14. darkwater1

    Deans 7/ 29/ 18

  15. darkwater1

    Cayuga HELP ON CAYUGA-WK 7/20-28

    I wouldn't recommend using a 10# leader 12# is good I just switched to 15# blue label it has a very small diameter.