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  1. There was a gobie die off last year and the year before
  2. Yes
  3. LoL Bud just playing good luck this weekend
  4. Do you mean it's?
  5. I'd rather walk
  6. Nice truck too bad it's a Dodge. Haha
  7. I'm in do you need the money before Friday or are you doing it like you have before
  8. Seneca

    I've been thinking about that could be the ticket. And I wouldn't have to worry about other people's boards LoL
  9. Sign up sheets now available at Brewer's Sporting Goods Ovid New York
  10. We have 20 if not more people just from our club. Hopefully we can get to 100.
  11. Sign up sheets now available at Hook Line & Sinker in Ithaca New York More sign up locations will be added soon
  12. Seneca

    Yha I might have to not run the flags LoL
  13. You can print this and mail it in we will be adding additional locations to sign up soon