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  1. Cayuga

    There is probably two or three boats from the club that will wanna fish I'll find out soon
  2. I think the fish are too big and brakeing you off .LoL
  3. Cayuga

    Traffic on 89 is almost as bad 414 somedays. It's usually around 30 min when I leave from work and stop in here
  4. Cayuga

    With a boat 45 minutes
  5. Cayuga

    Mike I can help you set up Saturday and if you wanna bring your boat up you can put it in my spot I'll be bringing my home to work on it
  6. I was at the door where the hell did you ge
  7. A optional $5 Big Fish would be fun
  8. It's tuff and vary frustrating when you put a camera on them and see thousands of nice size perch and can only get a few just have to grind it out because when they start hitting good Its worth it
  9. They would probably let you set up at kidders or O'Malleys. Brewer Sporting Goods in Ovid would be a good place to put sign-up sheets
  10. Seneca

    Don't let it sit around just like a car
  11. Roll call who's fishing? The DW will be in.
  12. Sorry guys I forgot to add the LoL on that post . I was just playing but with all the 27# browns and 17# Laker people are "getting" why not a 14# LL haha
  13. that happen to me as well.