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  1. That's a tuff one
  2. A guy I know fished Ontario had a big King in his box they decided to fish senaca after the got back when the came back in they pulled it out of the box and asked someone if they new what kind of fish it was he said Holly $ that's the biggest salmon he even seen come out of the lake
  3. It was clearing up but we got a lot of ran late night and we are getting more today
  4. Cayuga

    I really like that last pic. Nicely done.
  5. That's cool I was beside you when she was fighting that fish
  6. Definitely get the FF frist you can find some good deals on eBay
  7. I fished Tuesday morning solo for about 3 hours 1/2 the time was spent finding cleaner water definitely a lot of trash out there
  8. LMAO just do whatever makes you feel good LoL
  9. Thanks for the report. Days like Saturday make me wonder why people fish "not fun" LoL. You guys probably have one of the beast crews on the fingers good luck on the rest of your year hopefully see you on 8/5
  10. I fished the 333 today hit Geneva,Willard, long point and Lodi never moved a rod gave up at 10:30. Lot of debris in the water but a few people did manage some nice fish the flta is tomorrow so you won't be alone . Good luck
  11. Better than I did on senaca
  12. Ok good only one spot left
  13. I'll be at Sampson at 445
  14. You know where my boat is see you at 430