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  1. Keuka Keuka sawbellies

    Browns have a flat tail.
  2. Myers Park - Wind Alert

    That's cool..
  3. Cayuga Cayuga Lake launches - north end

    There's a picture of it a few weeks ago on post looked good then
  4. Bay Rat Goes Above and Beyond

    Nothing works as well on the eastern end of the lake lol
  5. Bear's spring fishing derby?

  6. Bear's spring fishing derby?

    Happy wife happy life LoL. The last two years on seneca have been such a grind Im just not sure but 10k sure sounds good. I think a 2nd weigh in would help get more people involved I'm pretty sure last year they had a digital scale mabey not
  7. Bear's spring fishing derby?

    I'm trying to figure out if I gonna fish this one or the seneca Derby.
  8. Does anyone know the dates and if they had any luck with a 2nd weigh-in station
  9. Sea nymph help

  10. Sea nymph help

    Where can you get 3/4 I use the stuff at work all the time but mainly exterior trim
  11. Sea nymph help

    Azek is only 1/2 inch thick I've put new flooring in my buddys sea nymph and the lack of framing I would not suggest it unless you found 3/4 somewhere but what home depot and Lowe's has is onl y 1/2
  12. Cayuga Long Point Launch

    That looks better than Dean's
  13. Cayuga Long Point Launch

    Haven't been there but I'm sure it about the same as Dean's
  14. Sampson launch

    Don't get me wrong I love low water lol