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  1. I bought myself a Canon Mag 10 STX this year with positive ion control. All the fish I've caught have been off this down rigger this year, coincidence or not?


    I've always just finished with Dipsy divers I have been fairly successful. What I'm wondering about this positive ion control.


    Any thoughts? How much line do you let out behind the release?





  2. Brand New

    Just bought the Downrigger but I think I change my mind.

    I will sell it at a loss

    Amazon price is $719.99 CA plus tax. =$813

    Will sell mine for $770 CA firm. Never out-of-the-box


    Can meet up in the Hamilton or GTA area.

    I could even give you the receipt so you can claim the rebate, and get the lifetime warranty. I haven't registered it yet myself


  3. Catching a ton of Lakers all week 20+. Check the pic for Coordinates. Just go west from there. Fishing out of Grisby south of the bouy . . 65 -70 ft. of water. At least I'm catching something. One 34", 33" and lots in the high 20" range. Green flasher and green fly producing all most all.

    But where are the Salmon?????? Help!!!!!

    I'm going out deep tonight.



  4. Steady action in 65 to 110 FOW. Lots of small lakers with a brown n salmon mixed in. Surprise of the day was a bullhead. Hit the 8 color core on an evil eye. Everything took fish except F

    /how far north? I just launched out of Sampson State Park


  5. was wondering if ayt of you fellow walleye fisherman who have fished cayuta lake could help me out, I cant seem to pinpoint any certain spots or presentations to lure any of these tricky fish, any info will be appreciated, not looking to be spoon-fed. thanks. I have been fishing for them for the last few weeks.... no bites.


    I'm heading to the lake tonight. Same as above, any tips would be greatly appreciated i fished 4 days days las year not even a bite :(


    I'm a catch and release fisherman




    I mean Seneca help

  6. I'm heading to Seneca Lake at the end of August for the first time. I'll be camping at Sampson State Park for a week. I am looking for any pointers or tips that anybody can provide me on fishing the lake, I guessing the north end. 


    I do a lot of trolling in Lake Ontario for salmon rainbows and Lakers, as well as Lake Erie for walleye. 


    I'd like to do some fishing for the same species. So looking for any helpful hints or areas that might be of help. 


    I'm also getting into bass fishing, got all the new gear. So any help with that would be greatly appreciated. I guess locations if anybody's willing to give them up. 


    I'm a catch and release fisherman. 


    Thanks in advance. 



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