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  1. Our mennonite neighbor took this buck today chasing a doe with three other bucks. He is a great kid who lost his whole bow season breaking his collar bone.  The neighbor down the street had several pictures of him in October but none recently. 



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  2. Last night was one to remember. The last five years I haven’t gotten much due to two shoulder surgeries and the birth of my children. Kids have been pretty sick for the first few years but last night the wife said go. Even though I didn’t shoot one I managed to rattle in seven different bucks including a mature eight point(twice). He was primed to kick some a$$. No shot due to my poorly trimmed shooting lanes but a great night nonetheless. 8a

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  3. Last night the Mennonite up the street gave me a call to come see his buck. He’s a great guy and has had some tough luck this season. He went to his food plot yesterday afternoon and was there for a short time 30 mins when this guy walked out. He was concerned it was not big enough or wouldn’t meet everyone standards. Got me to thinking about why I hunt. While I have seven on the wall do we take the fun out for us and other people when they ask a question like that?a89e27de6a4136f9ae1921fa1672807d.jpg

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  4. So after a late start due to having shoulder surgery everything finally came together last Friday. It took me until 41 to get my best buck and 44 to get a perfect doe. While I love to hunt and fish this takes the cake and puts a lot into perspective. The surgery was done so I could do this. I enjoy reading all of this everyday and love all of your stories but must admit these two make me forget about the woods and water. Nothing better than being a dad. 56c049030b63d4bec3db0a89b34d2232.jpg

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  5. Got to my stand late and had just got settled when six doe coming screaming thru the woods right to me big boy in tow. They cane in to five six yards he ran and stopped at 33 behind a tangle of trees. No shot I could throw up. Does moves on and so did he

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  6. After five months of rehab I got the ok to use a crossbow. So with the help of a friend who gave his up so I could hunt the final two weeks I am back in the woods. Ali will never think of a crossbow in the way I once did. They have there place and for those of us who need them to stay sane and get back into the woods it’s a lifesaver. While I probably won’t get anything I am happy just to be out there and have the chance to hunt this season. I read this every day and while I here some rejoice and some whine and act like a BABY because they haven’t killed. Have your season taken away something you love to do and maybe you see things differently.

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  7. Out for the first time since opening morning due to some medical issues. Sat for an hour and a half saw ten. Seven were this years fawns and three smaller does nice thing was they all were within bow range feeding on beech nuts.

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  8. Sorry to hear about the shoulder. I am going in for my second surgery on the left shoulder in the beginning of June. Do some prehab now and trying to make it through baseball season. Pain is bad and have started to favor the right one so much so that they think that one has a tear. Really sucks never thought at 42 I would have this much pain. What surgery did you have. Labrum? Cuff?

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