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  1. Hmmm. Some good points on both sides. Most of it all says one clear thing. Without poof its all just opinion. Trying to Make laws to target what we assume a problem is .

    Its an extreme liberals hobby. I try to stay middle of the road about views but some just refuse to see things with an open mind yet these people pretend to not be ignorant with a few cute words mixed in .

    This day and age and so many variables to pretend to know what is affecting mother nature is ... well just typing

  2. Does the state preform lake surveys? I'm on the ny/pa border and our lakes our surveyed every few years. Either by the fish commission or biology students from mansfield university. I realise the finger lakes are HUGE compared to any of our waters but u could think they could atleast do sections. This will all be argued forever until there is any real proof of the real priblems. Cycles, invasives, pollution or combo of all including over fishing. Its like argueing polotics when none of us no what is really going on.

  3. I remember years ago fishing piers on the west side of seneca as a kid.... there where people everywhere along the cottages hammering the hell out of the perch.... thus was back in the late 80's . I was amazed at the the fishermen lined up before sunrise...

  4. Maybe things are running a bit late. Seems like fishing here where I live was off this season. I fish lake o and tribs a lot as well. Things were definatly off up there. I understand sampson gets over fished.... its one of the only place I know of I can fish from shore. Believe me if there were other shore spots I'd be there. Its only about an hour for me.... and I've never fished any other finger lakes....

  5. I understand. I'm new to seneca since its only an hour drive. Covered as much water as we could. I only know a few spts so far.... but hopefully will continue to learn.... I do admit some real tools out there.especially for us we don't know what we r doin but a boat thought we did lol

  6. Fished yesterday from the boat for the first time. Skunked. The 2 old guys I took love perch fishing we had fun. Seems we marked fish around weed beds around 14-16 fow. We use to fish the wall at sampson probably still will. A bit of chaos but met many nice guys who were not gluttons.

    I know I still suck woulda been nice to see the old timers get a fish or two. But ill be back. Met some nice guys up there. I only fish for what I'd like to eat. Definatly not into filling bucket after bucket.

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