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  1. Where is the boat located? How many hours do you guess is on the motor since this was your "go to" boat? The way you describe the 2 cylinder drop down feature, would there be a need for a kicker or does this do it all? Also how does it do on Ontario. The one picture with the smoke stack, is that Cayuga?

  2. Hello from Virginia.  I have been fishing the thousand islands since the 80's. Been on Lake Ontario with the Fish Doctor out of Oswego as recently as July, and my Dad had a house on Cayuga Lake and fished there. My uncle John, the old man of the lake, showed me how to pull wire from a Jute box. I love it up there on the Great Lakes and hope to be up there in Sept. Sorry to ramble but I appreciate the welcome.  

    So again, permission to come aboard Thanks


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