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  1. Set up at 5:15 in 95 fow. The release on the dr tripped as it was being deployed, started back up with dr to reset what I saw a fish jump at back of boat. Beautiful Atlantic on a meat rig. Teenager on a Ff at 220 fow, couple Lakers on meat rig. On way back in at 100 fow got another Atlantic on meat rig again, carbon copy of first. Fleas and flies were pretty bad today. HIMG_1306.JPGIMG_1307.JPGIMG_1308.JPGIMG_1309.JPG



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  2. Set up in 85 fow, saw a few marks and some bait. Headed north, at 150 fow got a laker on a meat rig; 275 - 325 screen got better, few hooks and some bait. Got a teenager on a ff; small steelie and a shaker on a spoon, and lost 2 more. Temp was down about 65-70 most of the way.



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  3. I have tried to use only one set for Browns and salmon combined. If I had to, I’d do 20lb big game with 30# flouro leader. It is not optimal, though will work.
    so I use two sets, same reels, different line.  Brown sets are 12lb big game with 20lb flouro, then (actually just today I swapped) I use 30lb big game and 30# seagar flouro in prep for salmon.
    one thing to be aware of is UV degradation. If you store your reels/rods covered or indoors, disregard. But if not, your line will degrade over time. Learned this the hard way. Which is part of the reason why I swap this time of year. Any degradation I experience during brown season, will not be a concern anymore.
    also use expensive swivels. Some of my reports last year shows what happens when you buy off brand swivels. 
    My biggest fish is 31lb. Setting your drag properly is more important than line weight. 

    What swivels do you use now?

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  4. Set down in 100 fow right on a pod of fish at 5:30. 1st hit before I could get 2nd line in. Mag carbon 14 took 4 more shots, standard size took 1 more. Biggest 2 lost, 1 right behind boat after it got wrapped up in lead core running off planer board, 2nd one stripped off 130 feet of line, jumped 5 times, then line went slack. Fish jumped twice more with my mag carbon 14 in his mouth. Reeled in line and my swivel failed, torn open at the clasp. It was not a cheap swivel, but lesson learned. At 8:00 bite stopped, and wind died. Got almost flat. 3 more light bites, dropped all 3. Mostly downrigger today at 45 down, couple on ten color, one on dipsy which I believe was a laker. IMG_1166.JPGIMG_1165.JPGIMG_1164.JPG



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